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STP cotton pantherellas

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Wore a pair today w/ my dessert boots and noticed after one wearing a lot of the fabric is coming apart at the heels and toes. They had a lot of elastic and stayed up great, but I feel like they are not durable enough to last more than 10 wearings. It seems like the fiber length is pretty short. Anyone else care to comment or recommend a similar sock that will actually last me?
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Was this after washing them? I've worn 3-4 pairs from that batch already and they're looking good.

I always wash my socks in cold water on the delicate cycle, and line dry. Throwing them in the dryer will kill'em.
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This pair has not seen any washings yet; just one wearing. I wonder if part of the issue could be that a 2-eye chukka is not the best shoe to pair the sock with. Maybe I would have a different outcome with a pair of oxfords that heel more to the... heel... not that these shoes were flopping around on my feet all day.

That said, I work in a laboratory so I spend a good part of my day walking around the lab space and I probably put a few miles on them today.

Good advice on the sock washing!
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Originally Posted by jtatknox View Post
dessert boots

Those sound tasty!
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an ill fitting shoe can really do damage to a sock.
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