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What about silk scarves?

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I see these in silk scarves in catalogs and really like the colors and prints. I don't see alot of them being worn. What are the opinions on silk scarves in general? How are they to be coordinated with the rest of the clothes?

Here's a couple of examples.
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I don't like silk scarves at all. They are just too feminine in my opinion.
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Silk scarf is for girl
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I have three vintage scarves from the 40s, each in rayon--a poor cousin of silk that was considered more of a luxury item back in the day. I only don them with a topcoat or an overcoat and wear them tied ascot style.
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I was giving you a hard time.

The problem with those scarves is that they are very flashy, like if you took a pocket square, unfolded it, and pinned it to your jacket. If you have an over-the-top personality, you can pull it off (I'd follow the same rules as a pocket square), but if you are generally reserved, you'll come off as affected.
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I always wear a scarf with my better outerwear (especially leather) to protect the collar from dirt and oil stains caused from contact with my neck. Silk for cool weather, cashmere for cold weather.

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I love a nicely patterned silk scarf like nearly all the ones pictured in this thread.

I wear them with an overcoat/suit combo in winter. As for matching, I don't think you need to bother too much as long as one of the scarf colours are vaguely complementary to another colour you're wearing. They're a pleasant dash of colour in the winter outfit!
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A picture of one of my vintage scarves:

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Vintage Gent, Tomasso, those all look great. I'm really tempted to try one of these. any particular make or
things to consider. I have seen double sided - good idea, or just silk?

Thanks for the input.
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Cashmere ... only Scottish cashmere.
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Originally Posted by Morris
Cashmere ... only Scottish cashmere.

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