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Any updates from Cordings' old customers -- how's the quality these days?
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I bought their trousers then and now -- they seem to be the same as always.

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I buy a lot of their shirts and picked up a pair of their cavalry twills about three months ago. I'm happy with all my purchases.
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Doc, I'm glad to see you're still with us -- and here I thought you'd left us for good. I'm glad to read that Cordings is still keeping up the level though I wish they'd also offer slim fit shirts. The current cut is more akin to something to camp under.
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Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

Any updates from Cordings' old customers -- how's the quality these days?

I have shopped at Cordings for over 30 years - I bought one of their covert coats in 1984 which is still going strong.


I love the shop but I'm a little uncertain whether the quality of their suits is quite the same. I bought a lightweight suit there about 20 years ago which is still wonderful - I believe I paid over £400 for it then, so it should be wonderful. I needed a new business suit recently, so bought one in their sale the other day for £395, which isn't a bad price. The cut is excellent - very like the old one in fact, a three-button jacket, fairly high-waisted trousers with a gentle taper. The long fitting was exactly the right length for me, which is perhaps surprising as I am a little taller than the majority of people, 6'6". The jacket cuffs have functioning buttons, which I like, and fortunately no adjustment in length was necessary. They didn't have a 44L, so I took a 46L and paid my local seamstress, French Jo, to take it in at the waist, at the same time hemming the trousers, and the fit is now perfect. The fabric - a navy herringbone - seems and feels very good, although it is a tad lighter in weight than the last herringbone suit I had. The two things I feel let the suit down were the disappointingly plasticky buttons and the label, which is different in design, much less distinctive, than the traditional Cordings label. Also there is no 'made in England' tag, in fact no indication at all of where the suit was made, so I suspect they may be made overseas. There was a rather meaningless gold thread loosely tacked along each shoulder seam, perhaps to give the suit a (spurious) bespoke vibe, along with the tacked-up pockets. There was no ticket pocket, which pleased me, and plenty of inside pockets - four - which seems a bit excessive.

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Dear Sir:


I do see that there is a direct correlation between Mr. Eric Clapton being a par owner of Cordings and the stores reputation for quality.  I say this because Eric Claption is a man of some reputable character and his is free to invest his money in a business as he sees fit.  By his own words (see YouTube on Cordings), he states that by his own experience, he believes that Cordings is a top-notch traditional English clothing store, he places his reputations and words into action by becoming a part-owner in Cordings.  I believe Eric Clapton over any other annyumous negative blog posting.

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Cordings' cotton trousers shrink.
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