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Watch repairing

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Hey all, I'm a big fan of watches, but being a college student, I cannot afford many of the really fine watches (my collection consists of Seikos, Wengers, Swiss Armys, and Citizens). However, I am very interested in learning how to repair watches. I picked up a couple books (the Barnes and Noble did not carry ANY, but I found a few circa 1940-1960 at a used bookstore) and found a helpful website, but I have no experience whatsoever. I picked up two mechanical ladies watches at a thrift store to tinker with, an Elgin (1930's) and a Wittnauer (probably 1940's). I think I need to start with a pocket watch or at least a men's watch, the ones I picked up are just too small to learn on. So, my question is do any of you know about repairing watches, or are their any watch repairmen here? Also, anyone know of a website for parts, or perhaps a forum?
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Try, those guys are probably the most knowledgeable WISes (watch idiot-savants) in the world.
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Thanks for your reference. I am a moderator at, and amongst other things, we have a watchmaking school...not in depth enough to qualify you as a watchmaker, but for the hobbist trying to understand how a mechanical watch works, the course is quite good. (yes I have tried it myself). ok, enough of commercials...:-) cheers.
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