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Handmade shoes for men

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I appreciate all those on the forum who have referenced the Handmade Shoes for Men book. I purchased the book new from for about $9.50, which included shipping. I've only had a chance to browse the book on a couple of occasions and read just a little, but what a wealth of information and darn interesting. I can see that reading this book will increase my want for better and better shoes. Still wish I had discovered the forum at the time Mr. Harris had his Vass shoe offering.
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Mine came yesterday; I paid about the same as you. It is a great book, terribly interesting. I would have loved to see a survey of more makers, but I can understand the Vass-centrism since he's the one who wrote it. The pictures of the historical lasts and shoes are fascinating. If you've not gotten a copy get one now. It's my understanding when they're gone, they're gone for good.
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I purchased a copy too based upon this site's recommendation. Great stuff. Special thanks to the person who pointed out the ebay sale.
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Yes, I think it's a great book. I am enjoying it very much.
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Digging up a dead topic... Received my copy today. It was actually my second order - my first package was returned to sender, ripped open with the book stolen. Apparently there's something of a black market for the Vass book. Pictures are great - it's a good companion piece to Roetzel's book. Mine was as-new, still in the factory plastic, despite being a 1999 printing - where are they all coming from?
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The publisher apparently went out of business and all their stock was remaindered. My copy was still in plastic as well. As my old grad professor always said, all good books go out of print.
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One thing I found kind of interesting is comparing the fitting process in Vass's book with the fitting process used at his shop. Vass's book recommends a rather long and complex fitting process, while his shop uses a much simpler tracing with two or measurements. I wonder if any bespoke shoe makers actually use the fitting methodology espoused by Vass in his book.
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