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Quite fond of this tie I just pulled the trigger on, we'll see if it looks as nice in person

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RL Polo (C&J):

$11.50/pair. A little clean up work and they should be good to go.
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Wow, those are great shoes, Alan (not to mention a real steal). Don't let anyone dissuade you from the flat laces. With some conditioner and a new heel they could be spectacular. Are they a slight pebble grain?
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Yes, they seem to have a pebble grain to them. I'll report back when they get here. The brown ones do like they'll need a new heel, but I think the black pair should be fine.
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NOS, $38.

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Polka dots FTW... about $30 total for these.

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^ Nice ties, excellent prices, drizz.

From my outings yesterday:

l to r, Eddie Bauer (wool), Eddie Bauer ($5/ea), Old Navy, Old Navy ($5/ea), Donelli, Donelli (both wool, unknown Italian brand from TJMaxx, $6/ea)
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Alan, I've got the same brown herringbone socks from Eddie Bauer. Nice choice.
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More ties: $50 or so total... tradness!

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Just put a 3 Button Navy Pinstripe RL Black Label suit on hold. Been trying to weasel a major discount on it but had to bite asap due to an impending "dressy" event (read: Xmas Party). anyway im getting the private sale and Nov16 discount so I managed some damage limitation. Will post (sh*tty) cell phone picks in a bit

yes the sleeves are real short (The Jacket is a 38s instead of 38r, I chose the 38s for the shorter jacket length), and I will have them let it out a bit. Otherwise the suit fits perfectly and only needs minor alterations (pant waist, leg opening, sleeves, maybe suit waist, oh and pockets)
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Originally Posted by Jodum5

Is that from the dressing room?
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Pringle of Scotland wool/cotton trouser. Polo RL Made in Italy wool trouser. Vintage Harris Tweed from England. One of the cuff buttons is worn, but they're leather, so I plan on replacing them anyways. Love the pattern. NWT Brooks OCBD (made in USA): This is great...Talbott "Democrat" tie, complete with donkeys, eagles, and American flags.
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Waiting on these to arrive from ebayland:

Brooks Brothers snapper cufflinks, $20 (this is the Brooks pic):

Cotton pocket square, $10:

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This pair of brown Barksdale

This lovely Japanese cotton hanky
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^ Oooh, like that handkerchief.
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