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sigh...... if it wasnt Zyzz and i showed you a similar haircut or something no one here would be like oh yeah just "Neg OP" or "omg Misc has made it to here". Like ive said before im just interested in a new unique hairstyle that ive really never seen in the US, sure maybe i will look like a tool but i certainly wont be one. I just wanna have fun and try out something different i dont care if theyll "laugh" at me or whatever. I appreciate those who at least made an effort so far
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Originally Posted by Backus24 View Post
Jesus I can't get away.

The misc is my main forum, I am an 07' join date over there.

1/08 - 273 reps.

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lettuce be reality, that is not a good hairstyle.
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I lurked for like 4 years and only recently joined. I've been repped like 20 times and still have a rep of 0. I don't understand that f*cking place.
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What the F is a Zyzz?
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Originally Posted by Zackb911 View Post
What the F is a Zyzz?

this brah is unaware

op, thats a douchey haircut. good luck with your "becoming a douche bag" goals in 2011, tho.
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Rep trade brahs?
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Originally Posted by sofaking9000 View Post
Bro to rock that haircut, I suggest also doing a quick cycle of test while you wait for your hair to grow.

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yeah BRAH ill get on that cycle asap
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Im mirin'
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yew jelley brahhh
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Originally Posted by chermy23 View Post
Im mirin'
I love mirin! I used it to made a glaze for a lovely salmon fillet just last night. Delicious!
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strong aware in this thread
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i didn't know there were so many people aware here

some of these member are giving terrible advice for diet and exercise (no offense but you can't state facts from what you may have heard from some bro from the gym)
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Originally Posted by polishprancer View Post
So i wanna try this haircut, im going to grow out my hair, but im confused about the dimensions of this haircut/textures/length and things such as approximate measurements. So i would really appreciate it if someone helped me out on this. Thanks

next time you make an account, don't use the same username on a widely known forum

keep up with your diet though, looks like you train hard, srs
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