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Zyzz Haircut/Hairstyle

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So i wanna try this haircut, im going to grow out my hair, but im confused about the dimensions of this haircut/textures/length and things such as approximate measurements. So i would really appreciate it if someone helped me out on this. Thanks

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You don't want to do that. Why would you look like a douche on purpose?
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Wow. The misc has made it to SF.
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Hear me out haha, im not trying to be like "Zyzz", i just like the haircut. Ive wanted this type of haircut for a while and i finally found pretty much the closest thing im lookin for. I do agree even though he just acts like a tool in his vids for fun, theres no way that hes not a complete Aussie Tool in real life. I just want to try out a new style for not trying to be a tool cause its "mad cool"
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Originally Posted by Henry Boogers View Post
Wow. The misc has made it to SF.

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I actually met the guy and he's pretty cool irl.
You folks need to realize that "Zyzz" is a character, in real life he's actually pretty humble and soft spoken and totally not a douche. Although he does weird odd jobs (gay bar dancing...) and he lives with his dad lol.
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Just ask your stylist for the 'son of zeus, brother of hercules, father of aesthetics' cut. any good stylist will know what youre talking about.
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But for real though, any one got any idea about the length etc?
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I'll bite: we all have to make our own mistakes and this one will be hilarious for everyone around him. You will need to get it cut frequently at a decent, "modern" place. They will need to thin the hell out of your hair, probably with a regular straight razor or one of those sawtooth ones. If you look, you can see he doesn't have a thick head of hair matting things down. You may need to buy a hair straightener. Doesn't matter if your hair is stick straight, it aids in styling a lot as it makes the hair much more pliable and it is prone to stay in place when styled. Take a picture of two in - you're gonna have to do it, bro. They'll be able to eyeball the lengths when they're done laughing at you. Product-wise, pretty simple. Probably a light clay for the front and sides and back if you have the mullet, to give that day old grease look. Gel for the fauxhawk and if you want the back standing and you don't have the mullet. Hairspray will be needed to hold the stuff in place. No pomades or heavy waxes, muds, or greases. I really, really hope you do this. Please post pictures.
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So you're saying that im going to be a laughing stock? lol. Anyway thanks for your help bro, now time to wait a couple months for my hair to grow haha. Understand that i just take the Zyzz haircut as something close to what i want, so ill experiment with it
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Bro to rock that haircut, I suggest also doing a quick cycle of test while you wait for your hair to grow.
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Originally Posted by Henry Boogers View Post
Wow. The misc has made it to SF.

Been here for a while, just not in such an obvious context. I would neg you OP.
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zyzz said once himself that he trims and use the thinning scissors like pretty frequently, and he styles it with wax to give it the messy look

lol @ title with zyzz btw, i thought i was on the misc for a second here
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Jesus I can't get away.

The misc is my main forum, I am an 07' join date over there.
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