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5/05 DROP$: Isaia Tux,NWT Cucinelli Pk Lapel coat $650 , Brioni, Zegna, cashmere

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Just bought this from Eddieveddr and decided I already have enough Cucinelli coats so for those who wanted it...Gorgeous New Cucinelli camel colored overcoat, soft cashmere/wool blend, 3-button closure, ticket pocket, half-lined in 100% cupro, a beauty in every way, sleek modern cut.
Wow, about to talk myself out of selling- buy quick before I come to my senses!! Size 50/40

length TOC 106cm/ 41.7in, shoulders 49cm/19in, sleeves 67cm/26.3in, pits 53cm/21in

Price $650 + shipping- exactly what I paid
Photos by kind permission of Eddieveddr

Cucinelli NWT absolutely gorgeous half-belted dark navy coat, 95% wool 5% cashmere, ticket pocket, turned up sleeve ends, 100% cupro in typical Cucinelli half-lining, 3 button closure, all handwork evident and pleasing to the eye. One like this was on e-bay for $1500 and is now gone. You'll be praying for more cold weather with this masterpiece in the closet !
size 50/40 - it's modern slim-cut see dimensions.
Length TOC: 106cm/ 41.7in shoulder to shoulder: 49cm/ 19.3in pit to pit 54cm/ 21.25in sleeves 65cm/ 25.5
PRICE $1275---$1211--$1150---$1092 sent EU and USA. Others $1125---$1068 + shipping paypal personal

NWT Cucinelli stunning light brown heather 3/4 length half-belted overcoat. Gorgeous hand 100% soft, soft wool, in beige heather with highlites in olive(many) and orange(very few). Half-lined in cotton, turnbacked sleeve hems, handwork galore, ticket pocket and single rear vent. Lovely ++. Get it now, there's plenty of winter left.
Size 52/42 SOLD
Size 50/40 available shoulder to shoulder 50cm/19.6 in, pit to pit 54cm/ 21.2 in, TOC 108cm/42.5in, sleeve length 66cm/25.9in
Price $ 877 -- $833--$791---$751----$713 shipped

Gently worn (about thrice) Brioni double-breasted in navy with subtle chalkstripes. Jacket has peaked lapels, dual vents, Brioni factory nonfunctioning sleeve buttons, 6 buttons- 2 to button -but nevah button that bottom button suh! Nice slim cut, cuts a rakish profile and the wool, my goodness Brioni has quality goods. Pants are double pleated and were hemmed for me at 79cm/ 31.1in with 1 inch to let out , waist is 33in with about 1 in to let out. I wore this suit to a wedding at a Palace known as "the little Versailles"- aucune merde !
Size 48/38 drop 6
shoulder to shoulder 46cm/18in; pit to pit 54cm/21.2in; length TOC 80cm/31.5in; sleeves 63cm/ 24.8in
Price: $350 ---$ 332.50--$315.85---$300---$285 + shipping

NWT Zegna jeans- new and unhemmed: jeans on left have 35in waist and are 99% cotton and 1% elastin, very cool colo(u)r and feel.
Jeans on right have 34 in waist are 100% cotton and a truer blue colo(u)r.
Price: $120 shipped

NWOT Zegna Hi-Tech micromiraculous parka. Keep out 21st century rain and wind the 22nd century way ! State of the art Zegna parka in basic grey, the successful techno-nerd's answer to a staid old Trencher. New 1st quality never worn. Size M.
Shoulder to Shoulder: 20.4 in/ 52 cm
Pit to Pit: 23.3 in/ 59 cm
Total length: 33.5 in/ 85 cm
PRICE: $339--$322--$305--$289.75--$275--$261 --$247.95-- $235.55--$ 223.77 --$ 211 shipped

Extremely luxurious 100% finest cashmere Italian handknit sweaters. You may know that Italians have purchased many British labels and now some of the very best cashmere products sporting names like Drumohr, Lock, Ballantyne are made here in Italy. These sweaters are 4-ply thick and have a hand so out of this world, they almost feel moist- you probably will too, once you have your hands on one. I've tried to capture the gorgeous handwork in these beauties and hope something of the loft and luxury of the cashmere comes through on the photos. You really should not miss these if the size is you (38/48- 39/49). I sold Cucinelli, these are better.

Pale yellow cardigan with double zip, standup collar, rib-knitted cuffs and hem. Stupendous.
Total Length: 28.3 in/ 72 cm , BOC 26.2 in/ 66.5 cm
Pit to Pit: 22.4 in/ 57 cm
Sleeve Length: 26 in/ 66 cm (approx. sweater stretches)
Price $439--$410--$389.50--$370 --$350--$332.5--$315.87--$300--$285---$270---$256---$243---$230 shipped

New with tags (NWT) Isaia Black Smoking Jacket, 3 button, dual vents, slim-cut, high notched lapels with satiny surface, 100% aquaspider wool. Model (NOT CONTENT) is written WS 30FI 5181 PN SMK. Size 48/38 Drop 8, full internal lining 100% cupro. NEW! NEW! Pockets still sewn shut, basting on dual rear vents, sleeve buttons await attachment, tags. With the dual vents this tuxedo jacket gains in versatility and will look SMOKIN' in a variety of situations.
Size 48/38 Drop 8
Shoulders: 48cm/18.9in TOC: 81cm/31.9in Sleeves: 65cm/25.6in Pits: 53cm/20.86in

Price $575--$546 shipped

I'll get photos up as soon as possible
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Both of these are very nice suits. However, are they really 3 roll 2? They both appear to be classic 3 button jackets. I'm not seeing much roll. Am I mistaken?
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Great Isaia suits, too bad the trousers are pleated.
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3/04/2011 5% drop on navy Isaia
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3/06/2011 5% drop on Caruso super 150's suit
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Can you post pics of the inside of the pants on the Air force blue Isaia, particularly the waistband?
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a 5 % drop on the Brioni 3/06/2011 and requested waistband photo added
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Man this stuff is nice! Wish it was in my size...
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Very nice - great seller! Free bump, bro!
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3/12/2011 5% drop n blue cardigan sweater
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3/13/2011 5% drop on Cucinelli navy overcoat
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I keep praying that th beigeish cucinelli overcoat shrinks a size - no luck.
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3/14/2011 5% drop on blue cardigan sweater
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3/15/2011 5% drop on yellow cardigan
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3/16/2011 5% drop on blue sweater
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