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3/20 ADDS! NIB Shoes Galore! A. Testoni, Canali, Sutor, Lidfort, Ferragamo All Sizes

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Some amazing shoes here. Let me know if you're interested. Shipping is included for CONUS. International please PM for quote. All prices are paypal gift, otherwise please add 4%. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME ALL OFFERS (EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS TOO LOW, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW!) 3/21 - ALL PHOTOS ARE HERE IN THIS ALBUM: HERE Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
1. A. Testoni Black Wingtip with Medallion. Size 10. Bologna Construction. MSRP $1,075. Asking $425---SOLD OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG Stock Photo: [IMG][IMG][/IMG [IMG][IMG][/IMG 13. Canali Brown Captoe with Medallion. Size 11 D. MSRP $525. Asking $350--- SOLD [IMG][/IMG
2. A. Testoni Black Lace-Up. Sizes 10 and 12. MSRP marked $765. Asking $375---$355 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG Stock Photo: [IMG][IMG][/IMG 3. A. Testoni Brown Suede Cap Toe Lace Up. Size 11.5. MSRP $550. Asking $350---$330 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 4. Sutor Mantellassi Brown Suede Penny Split Toe. Sizes 10, 12 and 13. MSRP $895. Asking $420--- $400 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 5. Sutor Mantellassi Dark Brown Laceup with Medallion. Size 9. MSRP $920. Asking $425--- $400 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 6. Sutor Mantellassi Brown Wingtip Laceup. Sizes 9.5 and 10. MSRP $1200. Asking $500---- $450 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 7. Sutor Mantellassi Navy and White Moccasin with Tie. Sizes 9.5, 10 and 12. MSRP $425. Asking $310--- $290 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 8. L.F. Lidfort Grey Suede Penny with Wingtip. Size 10. MSRP $645. Asking $350--- $330 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 9. L.F. Lidfort Black Plain Toe Lace Up. Size 8. MSRP $725. Asking $365--- $345 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG 10. Ferragamo Newland Black Captoe Lavorazione Originale. Size 10 EE. MSRP $520. Asking $350--- $330 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG Stock Photo: [IMG][IMG][/IMG 11. Ferragamo Newland Brown Captoe Lavorazione Originale. Size 10 D. MSRP $520. Asking $350--- $330 OBO [IMG][IMG][/IMG Stock Photo: [IMG][IMG][/IMG 12. Canali Black Lace Up with Bicycle Toe. Size 11. MSRP $525. Asking $350--- $330 [IMG][IMG][/IMG SIZE="4"]14. A. Testoni White Label Black Penny Loafer. Size 11.5. MSRP $415. Asking $350--- $330 OBO [/size] [IMG][/IMG 15. Ralph Lauren (Higher Label) Brown Lace Up Boot. Size 11.5. MSRP $1100?. Asking $315 OBO [IMG][/IMG
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Damn... some real nice stuff here at good prices. Your name really fits btw!
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PMed...definitely interested if you can provide some measurements
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PM sent on Testoni wingtips
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Do you accept returns in the event that sizing doesn't work?
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I'd be getting those brown SM wingtips too, if they weren't so narrow!
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Pm sent.
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Bump for some sweet deals!
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nice Sutors, I have both 5 and 6, they fit long
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Received the Testoni Black Label wingtips today. Awesome shoes!

Seller's communication and handling of the transaction are top from this guy! I plan to purchase more.
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Damn! I'm surprised there's so many left here. I'm a huge fan of Sutor Mantellassi. VERY nice shoes, I think. Also, Lidfort is a very under-rated brand. for NIB shoes, you probably won't see these at this price again any time soon... get 'em while you can.
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lot of sweet shoes here for a good price
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Holy cow . . . can't believe these aren't moving!
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3/17 Big Price Drops!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sartorialini View Post
my first post here after lurking

It seems to me that one username is actively promoting the sales from another user name by constantly posting how great a deal is.

Is this acceptable behaviour? It is easy to set up multiple usernames and start talking up your own items using multiple usernames as if they were different people. Then we have the case of different people who agree to cooperate for their own benifit

are there any controls on this or is it a free for all?

Hello, and welcome to StyleForum. If you are referring to my bumps in this thread, I assure you I am a different person than AllAboutShoes. I suppose that it would be easy for someone to set up multiple user profiles and "shill" their own threads...but that is not the case here.

He gave me a killer deal on a pair of shoes, and there are other shoes in this thread that I think are good deals. Hence my repeated posts. But a shill I am not - just participating in the "community" of Buying & Selling.

I will happily provide evidence of payment for the shoes, as well as their shipment from NY to Michigan.

I may be mistaken, but from my recollection I don't think that you'll find any posts by him in my FS threads...I've only sold a few items there is no skullduggery at hand. You'll find me doing similar posts with other great sellers, such as Sartorialism and Warrengardner, and Mr.Moo, from whom I have also purchased a number of items. When they give me good deals, I feel it is appropriate to share my appreciation with the community. It lets others know that they are good sellers to deal with.

This is not to say that things like that happen in StyleForum, but perhaps not as much as you may suspect. My suggestion is to relax and enjoy your experience here; it's really a great place to talk about style and find great deals.

Thank you for your interest, and for the opportunity to again bump the thread for a great seller.

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