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Whats the driving force that causes you to return to StyleForum? (MC Version) - Page 3

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To view WAYWRN, and I have learned lots about clothes through the posters currently in that thread
My vote^

I'll always have an abiding respect for the garment industry; its history and diversity.
We are blessed to have many knowledgable members here, though we've lost many as well.
All my hopes for the future of SF and the MC fora and my deepest respect to all the WAYWRN posters, who take the time and effort to share with us all. That one thread consistently delivers and teaches better than many a magazine.
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I come here everyday to see if the square toe shoes are back in fashion. Any day now any day!
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Some poasts are great. Others are garbage. I'll wait till I hit 2K to unleash the snark.
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I regret the old good days when threads were about a certain book of fabrics...

It was brilliant and full of inside information...
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check for threads with new info (e.g. MSN, G&G Deco),

to share new information,

pms to members whose ideas and input i respect..

Originally Posted by PandArts View Post
Plus it helps kill time at work

this especially.
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I checked several boxes; learning, sharing, snarking.

Clothing is something we all do every day, and I feel as though I might as well do it reasonably well. SF has helped me see how I can dress myself better. There are a lot of things to occupy one's consciousness that are at least as important as clothing, however, and I suspect that before long I'll be drawn away to learn about other things... cooking, kids, sailing, arts... it's a big world.

As others have pointed out, there is only so much one needs to know about MC, especially in this casual-dress world, unless one is a true enthusiast (which I, for many reasons am unlikely to grow into). Still, I think that there will always be something of value here for me, even if I use it as more of a reference than a forum.

Oh, and it helps me procrastinate.
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Originally Posted by Kuro View Post


Been doing it going on 5 years now. I rarely post anymore, and rarely expend the energy I used to, but it's a little like smoking without all that lung cancer and emphysema stuff, pleasant enough way to spend a few minutes at a time.
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For me, it was always WAYWRN that brought me here. I came to look and learn.

It is still WAYWRN that brings me here, and the B&S, although WAYWRN is a shell of what it used to be.

The snark is entertaining from time to time as well. However, I spew enough snark in real life...so I don't feel the need to post much of it here.

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Did Spalla get banned?
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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post
Did Spalla get banned?

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More inflamatory stuff? What did he say this time? A bunch of his posts are gone, it seems.
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I started learning the basics about tailored clothing from AAAC, and came here to complete my education. I realize that I'm never going to be come a 100 level wizard because it's not economically feasible...mostly due to the fact that I don't wear suits to work. I think I have enough nice suits taking up space in my closet. My shoes are nicer for my time here, but that's about it.

I come back for PSAs, Recent non-sartorialist looks and the rare funny MC threak.
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- Habit - Ease of browsing and discussing the online equivalent of "look-books" (either for inspiration or lulz) thanks to the various long-running photo threads like WAYWRN, Recent Sart Photos, Recent non-Sart Pics, Creepy Sartorial Pics, Cool Shoes/Desiderata, etc. I miss the WAYWRN Digest tho'... - the occasional funny threak - the occasional informative thread
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I heard that the messiah is returning. Just trying to confirm its Vox.

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