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Milan/Paris Travel Tips for Spring Break

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Hello All,

I'm heading to Milan/Paris for spring break 3/4 days each and wanted to ask two questions. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, being a college student, I am on a budget so not looking for anything too extravagant.

1) Any good recommendations for restaurants(Dinner, snack, crepes, gelato etc)
2) Any small inexpensive items that I should definitely purchase or take a look at while in Europe? Going to be working in a suit & tie environment next year so anything that would complement my wardrobe for next year would be great. (Please no bespoke shoes or suits as I know there are more than enough of those)

Will be staying at L'Etoile in Pairs and the Westin in Milan

Thank You for any help/suggestions!
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Any tips?
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In Paris check out Le Caveau des Oubliettes. They have a very cool basement (from the 16th century) where jazz musicians play after 10PM.
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I've always found the Lonely Planet Encounter guides to be a good introduction to a new city.

Note: the "Encounter" Guides are smaller and much more concise than the regular Lonely Planet Guides. In my experience the regular guides can be a bit overkill, especially if you're only spending 3-4 days. Get the Encounter guide (which is small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans) instead.
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Thanks for the help guys. Any tips on things I shoul definitely bring back that won't break the bank (Fashion related or any other things)
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Hi guys,

I may be going to Paris for my birthday weekend at the end of April.
Any suggestions on hotels, or general travel/tourist advice would be appreciated.
Still trying to see if its feasible.
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I used the Lonely Plant encounter guide for Berlin and I recommend it. You should have no problem locating a copy for Paris.
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I´m planning on a trip to Paris as well but am still in the research part of the trip. I´ve been looking into areas like Montparnasse, the Louvre, the Bastille and Bercy as well as Port maillot.

So far what looks to be plan A would be to stay in the Louvre area as its close to the subway, the Louvre, and restaurants and shops. I usually don´t stay in the center becuase its expensive but for the hotels in the area I found TimHotel Le Louvre which is reasonable and around the corner from the fancy places.

At the moment I am checking out tours vs. doing it yourself as I like to get off the beaten path and find things that aren´t so crowded. The exception to this is the Louvre as I grew up in Chicago visiting Museums and the Louvre has always been on the list.

Let me know what your plans are and maybe we can swap notes!
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