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Boots with jeans??

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Im wondering if this boots
will look good when worn with jeans??

And since this boots is pretty high cut, what will u guys normally do? tuck the jeans into the boots or just let it fall over the boots, and letting the top details go to waste? :/
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First off, I don't think those boots will look good with anything. That's just my honest opinion. The lacy things are too feminine. Secondly, I'm also wondering about boots with jeans. I want to get some grey or oxblood leather boots and wear them with jeans stacked on top or inside (I will wear them loose). This might resemble "thug wear" a little too much, with the untied timberlands, but when worn with slimmer cut jeans, I think it could work for a winter look.
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they are a little bit girly
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I think they look pretty cool, but it would be tough to wear them tucked into jeans and not look girly, unless you're scruffy.
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They will look really good with women's jeans.
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guys actually tuck jeans into boots?
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It can be done well. Rarely is.
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haha... i found thoes "girly" boots under the men's section..

Anyway, what about this pair of boots than?? .

I wear slim/skinny kind of jeans, and coming from sneakers background, i dont really know what kind of boots to go with jeans?? so some help please, better if can point me into the right direction with some links too
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I'm not really feeling either of those boots. The first one is too girly and I tend to prefer boots with a more pointed or square toe. The second pair is better, but the lacing is just to weird for my liking. Yoox has a large selection of boots -
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the 2nd boots look very "goth", so if that's your style then it'll work. But if it's not, you might look at those in a couple months and wonder WTF was i thinking. They look like boots that could go well with heaping amounts of Cloak worn on top.
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