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Emergency question

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Sorry to rehash a topic that was already discussed, but not completely settled, this is kinda urgent. For tomorrow nite (April 5) i am going to a formal. I got the suit, tie, and shirt, but no pocket square. In the previous discussion it was settled to just order them from ebay or ben silver. I have no time for this, so i need a place in New York City that i can go to tomorrow before the formal at nite. I usually wouldn't care to wear one, but despite all the talk on the forum about them, i have no choice. I looking forward to it, and want to look the absolute best i can. Please help. Im thinking Sak's or Bergdorf's MUST carry them.
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Although I have been to NYC once and that was years ago, I would think that you could definitely get one at either Alan Flusser's shop in Saks, Hermes, Dunhill, or the Ralph Lauren store. This won't be the cheap way to go, but one of them should surely have something. I hope someone with more experience can help you out more than I. Good luck.
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I don't live in New York but Bergdorf, Barney's and Bloomingdale's are all within a few blocks of each other up between 58th-61st and between lexington and 5th ave. Bergdorff is on 5th I believe, Barney's on madison, bloomingdales on Lexington. Of the 3 places, bloomingdale's is cheapest although I'm not sure how much difference it will make for a pocket square if that's the only thing you're getting. However when i was looking for a cashmere scarf when i was last there in november, i went in to saks and couldn't find one below 200 bucks. At bloomingdale's they had their store brand ones on sale for $85 and I got lucky and snagged a nice Canali one off a mannequin for the same price since the manager was in a rush and couldn't be bothered to do a price check So if you're in a rush forget saks cause it's further down 5th and head up to that area to check those 3 stores. The subway gets off at 59th and lex right in front of bloomingdale's so you can check there and move on if you don't find what you want. Hopefully you're not in a rush though cause ny is one of the best places to shop in the world
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Mike, if you have the time to do it, just walk along Fifth Avenue and the various intersecting streets clustered within several blocks of Central Park.  There are any number of stores in that vicinity that have pocket squares.  I haven't checked all of them for pocket squares recently, but try, for example, Sak's, Bergdorf's, Dunhill, Zegna, Burberry, and many others in that area.  Good luck.
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Faconnable would definitely have some interesting ones- 689 Fifth. I have a friend who works at Sak's in NYC. Want me to call him? What specifically are you looking for?
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I suppose that you are already pressed for time, but I would recommend going with a Charvet or Hermes pocket square. Hermes can be found at their stores, and Neiman Marcus carries Charvets.
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Thanks guys, just got back from shopping uptown. I picked up one Turnbull and Asser pocket square at Bergdorf Goodman, plus one more at Paul Stuart (An incredible store that I've never heard of before). Sak's selection was lacking, but as nice as they were they sent me off to Paul Stuart. Bergdorf, however had the best selection. Good call on Faconnable Steve B., it just so happens the shirt I'm wearing is of the same brand. I went there also, unfortunatly they had a bad selection. Thanks, but i didn't have time to tell you to call your friend at Saks, greatly appreciated though. Well I'm off to the Wall St. Regent for some partying. Later...
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