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Originally Posted by Jared
I think it gets the point across better than "short hip-axis length and agynoidal fat distribution". I didn't intend to offend anyone - this forum isn't exactly a bastion of political correctness.
It may not be, but your statement wasn't even accurate. Boy-shaped based on what ethnic standard of a boy? It's not offensive because it's politically incorrect. It's offensive because it's dumb and ethnocentric, and clearly, you know more than that statement initially indicated.
Originally Posted by Jared
As far as the members of this forum can tell, most women are not wearing raw denim. I think the opinion of a woman who sells jeans to women is not to be dismissed. There isn't enough evidence available to prove her wrong.
Hardly. Her statements indicate pretty clearly that she doesn't know anything about denim. I'd agree, at least superficially, that unisex cuts that are intended to be worn tight like APC NS and Cure tend not to be as unisex as they claim, but not for any of the reasons she cited. Basically, what she's actually saying is that dry denim cut like APC NS isn't going to fit like a pair of Sevens. That's fairly apparent but has nothing to do with raw denim. The logical conclusion of her line of reasoning is that antifit dry denim doesn't exist. Which makes her opinion entirely dismissable.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
I'm not disagreeing on any particular point, but "boy-shaped" is a terribly stupid way of expressing it.

And the salesgirl at that store sounds like a complete imbecile.

That is more or less the accepted term for describing said hips.
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Originally Posted by Jared
As far as the members of this forum can tell, most women are not wearing raw denim.
Here's an idea. Try going out onto the streets of a major city and see just how many guys are rocking Diesel bootcuts versus APC and RRDS. Asides from that, there's plenty of at the very least one wash jeans on the girl market appearing from the likes of Diesel, and Nudie have provided girl cuts for some time (if you don't believe me that the Nudie SSK isn't a girl cut, I'll wear them myself on my 26" waist and I'll eat my hat if they don't make me look like a crossdresser. 7.5" rise is not a unisex cut).
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Originally Posted by Jared
A salesgirl in Dutil (Vancouver) who seemed knowledgeable offered her opinion that raw denim doesn't work on a body with curves. In specific she said that the APC "unisex" jeans aren't, because the cut is wrong. I think she also said that they way they stretch won't keep them tight enough in the right places. She might have also said something about how the fading happens, but I wasn't taking notes.

Is it possible that only Japanese girls wear raw denim because Japanese girls have boy-shaped bodies?

first of all, different raw denims fit the body differently. if they are worn tight, some type of denim might feel too stiff. other types become soft quickly so they pretty much feel like any denim, so why would they be any different in terms of fit. that salesperson unfortunately doesn't know what shes talking about, she has probably tried one or two types of raw jeans and decided that they dont work.

what goes for more curved girls, my girlfriend has plenty of booty and is wearing raw denim. however, she probably couldn't fit into some japanese brands, for example the girls models Skull Jeans makes are too low in rise for her.
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People need to grow up. Girls use the term boy shaped all the time. Basically every woman's store has sizing as petite, curvy, boy shaped, etc... Generally japanese girls are less curvy than american/european girls and according to american/european sizing they would generally(obviously there are exceptions) fit in the boy shaped category. Who the hell cares. What the girl said about the raw jeans might be accurate. Obviously the APC jeans aren't gonna be that flattering on most girls and they're very differently styled than the traditional 7s which are the look most all girls go for(except for a few exceptions). But until i see girls in the tighter denimbird cuts and other raw female cut jeans, i'm not sure. Guy jeans are supposed to drape more, even the SuFu guys who where them supertight. I'm curious to how some slim raw denimbird jeans would fit around the ass and thigh after a week of wear. Generally girls wouldn't want the stretching that guys usually get after a week of wear. While we need it if we buy tight jeans because of what we have between the legs, they're free to keep it skin tight or at least close to it and that's what they generally do. I tried to coax my girlfriend into getting a pair of denimbird or ssk or some other raw jean to give it a try, but i think she'd rather be safer with 7s, diesel, citizen humanity or earnest sewn.
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I'll say, for the record, that skinny jeans look 10x better on girls than flares. Best trend in quite a while. Of course, don't get them if the girlfriend is very much opposed to them. EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't see before that it is exactly the case. Regardless, all the girls at my work look excellent in them.
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Yea, my girlfriend just bought a pair of straightleg h&m jeans while in boston in a dark, undistressed wash after taking my advice and toning it down. She likes them a lot, and i think she may turn to the dark side in a month or two.
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Originally Posted by Rome
You might want to discuss that with her before purchasing. Most girls wouldnt ascribe the lifestyle touted in order to get those creases.

This is funny, I was packing for my vacation last night and as I was selecting my jeans my wife had a true look of disgust on her face. She asked me if I was going to wash the jeans I'd picked. When I asked her why she commented on all of the creases and visibility of knee bend in all of my jeans. It was funny at the time and I was at a loss to explain myself.
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It being summer, I have had the opportunity to gawk at a few jean skirts. It gave me the idea that if a woman wants a piece of the raw action, a skirt might be much more accommodating than pants. So if you're thinking of buying your girlfriend jeans, a better option is Atelier LaDurance's "Novelty Skirt":
14 O.Z. Japanese Denim. Unwashed. Girls proportioned fit. Triple stitched seams. Blue chainstitched, plain 'crosspatch' cut backpockets. Rule & pliers pockets. Two-tone zip closure.
Does anybody know of any other unwashed skirts?
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I believe Cheap Monday makes one. They had a couple left at denim bar last weekend. My gf picked up a pair of raw slim jims--she wanted a larger cut than her acnes. Thanks Jeff and Mauro.
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