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A Bespoke Shoe Release by J.P. Myhre

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Dear Gentlemen,
As some of you already know, am I on my way to New York in one weeks time. To tease your appetite I am happy to introduce some of my latest creations which has a contemporary expression based on the classic tradition. The Dogleg Derby Brogue is made from Baby Calf, lightly aged/darken with polish. Shellack based transparent finish, Oak Bark tanned 1/4" inch sole, 12 stitches to the inch., bevelled waist. For those of you who still haven´t made up your mind either to visit, or making an appointment, please forward your request by e-mail to receive your invitation, there is still time! Until we meet, enjoy yourself!
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great shoes but i wish you would have post a different pic here to what you did on aaac, shame i am not in new york
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jan, beautiful shoes as always. i wish you well on your trip! cheers!
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I especially like the stacked heel which is somewhat higher than most.
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JP one day i will see you and purchase a rtw or bespoke, i am pretty sure both are superlative as it looks in the pictures. nice wholecut style derby!
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The following picture showing also a new style released from my hand these days. It would be interesting to read what you are thinking of, or what kind of emotions occures by the look of it. Art Deco resemblance is the closest I can come up with, what do you guys think?
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They are certainly interesting and look very well made. Personally, I prefer more classic styling.
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jan that is a great looking shoe i like the last shape and the details i just not so keen on the flap of leather at the heel area!
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Those are amazing, I love everything about them. I think from a bespoke perspective....there are things that are not usually seen...thats the point. Beautiful!
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Thank you for your support,
I believe in making new designs, not only to make something new, but try making a better design/improvement, based on the classic tradition. The part which I find better with the two previous designs is the opening and how the Tounge is made slightly broader to increase comfort. Below you see even another style, which isn´t new at all, but the way the ageing is done is quite interesting. Enjoy yourself!

Crust Calf, dyed and aged. 1/4" sole, 12 stitches to the inch. Red lining. Shellack finish to sole edge and heel. Bevelled waist.

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Oh my God, that shoe is unreal. Mind-blowing...
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These are all terrific. Gorgeous.
Is the colour reproduction in the photos accurate?
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I usually hate clogging up fora with the following type of response but:
MY GOSH! They are stunning shoes.
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