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Softening Leather Shoes

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I regret not having returned two pairs of Charles Tyrwhitt shoes I purchased earlier (albeit at $85 a pair), but now that I have them, I wear them occasionally in any case.

But I find that they are very rigid, much more so than what I am used to (mostly Italian, softer leather). Is there anyway I can soften the calf leather of the CT shoes?

Hurting longevity is not an issues since I don't intend to wear them a long time -- I just want them to be more comfortable, especially around the ankle bone.

Appreciate any advice.
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I would just take short walks in them, or wear them around the house. When the sole starts to give, they might become much more comfortable.
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Have you tried generous doses of leather conditioner? Don't know how much difference it would make, but it can't hurt.
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I had a pair of really "hard" shoes (George's, I think it is a local Spanish brand, sold by El Corte Inglés) and to soften them I used them at home, walking in them for a while with wet socks. They ended up being my most comfortable shoes. I actually have them on today. They are really worn out by now, but they are so comfortable that I am reluctant to throw them away.
I guess that this wet socks treatment may sound rather harsh, and some SF members may get hickups from reading this post...(if so, I apologise). Maybe it is not something that should be done to more high-end shoes...l
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I agree with epa. Getting the shoes wet and walking around in them is the best way to break them in and make them more comfortable.
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Use Lexol on them. Often. It won't work if they are the corrected grain shoes. The plastic on the surface won't let the conditioner get into the leather. I don't believe these are of that type though. Lexol is better than water. Much better.
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