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A comparison of bespoke jackets: Rubinacci, NSM, Manuel Martinez - Page 3

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Rubi looks best to my eyes.
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Rubinacci by far. NSM doesn't seem to work as well for your body type.
MM looks squarish and the fabric turns me off.
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post
I like the Rubi.'s fit best. NSM looks OK, and MM's front balance and quarters look weird, like that A&S long-front-balance to get open quarters thing.


The MM looks odd, much like Manton's A&S.
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The MM seems to swing out a bit. Rubinacci looks the most harmonious to my eye.
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I know this is speaking about jackets, but someone in BR, La., my hometown, posted and this is for that person. 

I just left Manuel Martinez Custom Clothier yesterday after picking up some custom dress shirts. I can tell you that the service is professional, friendly, and worth the extra cost. I had 2 consultations with Manuel. The first consultation is about getting to know who you are, personal style, the occasion for the outfit, etc. Manuel's beautiful secretary sat me in a room with mirrors everywhere and offered me a multitude of liquids to satisfy my thirst in the horrible heat/humidity that we have here in BR, Louisiana. Moments later, in walked the ultra dapper, Mr. Martinez. We shook hands and he started off with the basic question for a new client, " what brings you in today?"  After another 10-15 min. talking together, we moved on to the measurements and then the most difficult part, choosing the fabrics/patterns. Manuel gives style points and tips on why you should or should not wear specific colors or patterns, especially if it is for a specific occasion such as a funeral, wedding, or an interview.

Manuel guides you through the process and makes you feel very comfortable with his expertise and knowledge. He gave me information that I had never heard before in all of the men's magazines/ blogs that I read.  

The second consultation was supposed to be  the first fitting. While Manuel told me that an alteration or 2 may be needed after the first visit for my dress shirts, they hit the nail on the head the first time. I went in yesterday and tried the shirts on for proper fitting. BOOM!!! Nothing needed to be altered. Seriously, the shirts were just incredible and fit like a glove. I left feeling and looking like $1 million dollars. From the day he started on the shirts to last fitting was approx. 5-6 wks.

While I am no CEO nor a "top dog" of industry, Manuel helped me choose great fabrics/patterns for my lifestyle, career, and body type. After leaving the shop, all I could think about were the next fabrics/patterns that I would like to have in my closet. 

He is a soft spoken man, but do not let this fool you, as he is very much on top of his game and I can not wait to return for more of Manuel's work. 

The BEST part to me, was that Manuel did not make me feel like I was an outsider.

I have been to other tailors and just walking through the door heads would start to turn and eyes would start to wonder, giving you the feeling like you did not belong. The idea that "this is a dapper men's club and you do not belong b/c you are wearing rubber soled shoes(casual) or because you are not the CEO of a company, did NOT come with my experience at Manuel Martinez Custom Clothier.

He made me feel quite comfortable just being myself & I did not have to put on a facade to do business with him. 

So if you want great service, great choices, and incredible craftsmanship, Manuel Martinez Custom Clothier is for you. All bespoke, no made to measure or off the rack.  

I will be doing business again with him. 

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