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Chelsea/Ankle boots

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I've only recently really started to get into fashion, whatever that might be. Anyways, I'm looking for staple items for the fall. One of these staple items is a black ankle boot or Chelsea boot (they are the same thing, right?). I think they are quite versatile, since they can be worn with dress pants, but also be worn with jeans. I've searched the forum, but can't quite find much info.

My budget is fairly low, less than 150. Any ideas on a good pair of chelsea/ankle boots? What is an affordable brand with good quality? From what I read most shoes are made by other companies. I also learned that Kenneth Cole shoes suck. I always thought they were somewhat decent.
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Personally, in that price range, I think Florsheims are a decent boot and will do just fine.
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Look on ebay, especially if used boots don't bother you - there are excellent deals to be had.

A pair I was watching ended the other night - Costume National sleek ankle boots that would work in a variety of outfits - they sold for the opening bid of $75 and were in excellent condition. Retail was probably $575+ on those boots. I just forgot to bid.

The bottom line is that you should get the most out of your dollar. Don't think of $150 as a constraint, as you can really do a lot with that amount of money.
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some inspiration:

the thread kinda transformed into a discussion about RM Williams boots. ~$160 at STP with the 20% discount and assuming they have your size.

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Yeah, I really wish they still had those Craftsmans in brown in 9.5. Sold out damn fast, though, and good deals on ankle boots are hard to come by. Charles Tyrwhitt has the 50% off sale right now, so you can get chukkas or chelseas for 150. I hope some other people have suggestions, though. We don't see enough affordable footwear in here that isn't a pair of chucks or vans.
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