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Originally Posted by Reynard369 View Post
In what capacity, if you don't mind saying?

He's the asshole who came up with "cover based shooting" and "regenerating health" in first-person-shooters.
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What about the asshole who came up with "downloadable content"?
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Originally Posted by reactmma View Post
Have you tried Xbox Kinect?

I haven't but heard good things. I'm skeptical of the whole interactive experience. One of my favorite games was Wizardry, which involved mostly text and monotonous images of dungeons. Kinect might be good to link in with my wife (she liked Guitar Hero), but with an infant I don't see us doing it.
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I'm also 31 and video games are hardly a part of my life any more. I probably do about an hour a week of casual gaming with the woman (things like mario party or wii fit).... and about a week out of the year, I'll absolutely binge on one game (fallout usually and I'll take the week off of work for it). but thats it. I do have a MASSIVE vintage video game collection and it might be time to put all that up on ebay as it does consume a huge amount of space to store and I simply haven't touched any of it in a few years now.
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Originally Posted by robertorex View Post
What about the asshole who came up with "downloadable content"?
or worse, the asshole who invented in-game advertising.
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I don't game much anymore either. Not willing to sacrifice my other hobbies for it. Also finding games that hold my interest is difficult. Maybe it's because I grew up in a dos, nes and snes world when the dominating game types of today were in their infancy they felt new and awesome. I just find it hard to be enthusiastic about Generic Super Realistic Military Shooter #28. Or Super Historically Accurate City/Empire Building Game #92 Well actually I did lie. On slow Saturdays or Sundays once or twice a month I'll play an old game for a few hours while waiting on laundry to get done.
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I allow myself at most one video game per year, this way it's a fun diversion every once in a while but I don't waste too much time on it. Last year it was FF13. Year before was RE5. Probably won't bother this year, can't think of anything coming out I'm interested in.
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Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post
I used to play video games up to 5 hours a day, although 2 - 3 was average from my teens to mid twenties. For the past two years (I'm 31 now), I have barely played video games, if at all. I'll go months at a time without touching one. They used to bring me so much joy; I even beta tested games in the past.

What happened?

I can say from a practical perspective that I have climbed the corporate ladder, so work has definitely invaded my personal life, I'm married, and have a young kid, but still, you think I'd find some time on weekends to at least dabble in the new Fallout Las Vegas (Fallout 3 was the last time I LOVED a video game).

I know the non-video gamers will say, "oh, you grew up you moron!" but there are lots of 30 somethings who enjoy video gaming, create video games, and well, are still awesome.

Anyone have a similar situation? I'm afraid I've just lost any sense of creativity.

you've been depressed for the past 2 years of your life.

on a serious note, i've been in the same boat as you. i might get obsessed with a game for a little bit, but then i realize that the end-game is the same. (you win or you lose ; you beat something or you don't) and the strategies are very one dimensional and no matter how "dynamic" the situation is, because it's a game there are always set parameters that you have to follow.
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Originally Posted by robertorex View Post
I still play a lot of DotA / HoN, still bad, but I can see myself significantly reducing my gaming time in the future.

I don't think I'll ever outgrow games though, I like them like some people like sports. I find casts of competitive HoN, Brood War, and SC2 to be very entertaining.

Switch to League of Legends. It's better than HoN.

I used to play Call of Duty 4 a lot, especially my in-between my 2nd and 3rd year of university. Like...ridiculous amounts. I made it to the competitive scene, won a couple smaller tournaments, and realized to play at that level continuously, I would have to quit university. So I said eff that, and made the decision to finish the degree. I now sit around talking on mens clothing forums.....
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post
I love getting together and playing board games with people over beers.
You and I would be good friends IRL. I had to give them up because I get too obsessive with them. Like spending 10 hours a day playing, just to finish the game and be done with it. I tried getting back into Starcraft 2 but it just held little allure for me. The first one was a marathon session nightmare that I do not want to revisit.
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My friends and I can't play Risk anymore. Ever since High School, we'd get way to in to it, sign non-aggression pacts, team up, betray and so much more. We'd have 10 page agreements for when we could/couldn't attack each other. It got insane.

In my 4th year of university different friends and I got into Settlers of Catan. Probably the best board game ever.
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I have SoC and nobody to play it with since it requires 4. :-(
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
I have SoC and nobody to play it with since it requires 4. :-(

That's sad man.....

If you're ever really craving it, check it out online:

No man should be deprived of Settlers. It's just unfair.
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Definitely miss video games, but as others have said no time with family, work etc.

Looking forward to my son getting older so I can get him into them.
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Dragon Age II comes out today. I don't really play games but if I had free time I'd buy it immediately.
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