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Originally Posted by celeste_pista View Post
my local store sent me a handwritten thank you card around xmas time saying thanks for shopping in our store. and it was personalized enough that I know they weren't just writing the same thing to everyone (referenced a pair of santoni FAM monkstrap boots that teh SAs marvelled at). I thought that was a nice touch.

Got one in the mail yesterday to let me know he was happy they were able to satisfy me and let me know about a new sale starting tomorrow. He must know I've had the fever lately, been very good to myself. In the past year 4 new suits -- 4 SC and slacks -- and 1 new tux and a pile of shirts and ties. And I fucken hit 66 and retired last month. But maybe 1 more SC and a couple slacks for summer use. Should be covered till old age.
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Good to hear you experience was positive in the end. I might have some issues with BB soon.. A little bitching: I ordered two MTO suits from BB (in a 39R, Fitzgerald cut but Suiting Essentials--I'm a recently employed college grad but still broke and conservative with my $$) in January and just got them back. Only problem is they came back as a 40R and so the fit doesn't look that great anywhere except the shoulders. They offered to do alterations to the body through the armhole for free as a little compromise. I hope their in-house tailor knows what she's doing! Otherwise this is going to be a big headache for both of us
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Originally Posted by Roger Everett View Post
Went shopping for a SC with fiancee, 3 weeks ago. Ended up at a BB store. I've never bought at BB before, since I thought they were a pinch high for what you get. Couldn't find anything in a blue, I was looking for, but did see a tweed I liked and tried it on. It was in their Saxxon Wool and felt like cashmere. OK, works goood for me and 40% off, then 2 pair slacks. Then they say, extra 15 %, if sign up for cc, ok, but need that like a hole in head.

One pair slacks needed let out a pinch and both hemmed ( FF w/ no cuff ), jacket needed sleeves let up and collar roll fixed ( which was not included --$15 ). Picked up the following week. That Sunday morning I tried them all on in my lesiure, jacket had puffing over both shoulders, pants looked like shit. They had used a serging machine and pressed the dog F out of the hem. Looked like they both had cords in them, you could see the lines of the serging. So, Monday morning I went to the tailor I use in Jacksonville, and asked if he would critique everything and give me his recommendations. He very much didn't think someone knew what they were doing. Thought it over for a couple minutes about taking it all back for repair. Came to conclusion that, one problem ,ok, fix it, but, everything F'ed up -- I don't trust them to fix shit. So, how much to fix everythig, Daniel. He added it all up -$95 plus tax -- do it.

Left there and called the salesman at BB, Dave. Explained the situation and that, I couldn't trust their alteration person to fix all the problems. Dave is one of those old line professional salesman, that in BS'ing with, when I bought the clothing, knew the tailor I use and his reputation and understood my side. I told him, I knew that their cost, in-house, was not as much as an outside tailor, and didn't expect them to cover all my cost for redo, but I felt they should at least split it with me to the degree of what they paid their tailor to do the original work. He informed me that his manager wasn't there and he would be off for two days, and would go over this with manager and call me Friday.

He called on Friday, when he said he would. Had talked to the manager about problem and that I would like them to cover part of my cost. And she said " no" -- we will cover the whole thing, give him a refund for the whole $101.65. Well, I bussed right over there, Got a full $101.65 refund with many apologies.
I'M ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER -- This is customer satisfaction the old fashioned way. And I told them I would put them on my list and will be back.


Dear Mr. Roger:

Thank you so much for sending us the manuscript of your novel. We'd like to apologize for the impersonal nature of this standard rejection letter. Rest assured that we do read every submission carefully and, unfortunately, your project is not right for us at this time.

Good luck with all your publishing endeavors.
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This thread highlights where BB is right now in my opinion. If one is willing to develop a relationship with a CSA and if one is also willing to to learn the BB product line (perhaps even better than the CSA) then the business can still be a good place to frequent. Infrequent shoppers, or those who can't tell CSAs exactly what they want are often disappointed (or ignored). In house tailoring is a joke unless their tailor is one of the few semi-retired old schoolers still out there (but that is the same everywhere).

About half of their current offerings are decent (although often gimmicky like the Saxxon wool which many like but I can't feel the difference). The 1818 line is a great mid level suit but the selection at any given store is hit or miss. I am not thrilled with the Southwick suits but those using LP made in Italy are decent and a great value on sale. MTM, as always, depends more on measuring ability than anything else.

Their web presence is horrible but return policy is tops. All things considered I am happy with BB but I have developed a relationship over several years with a certain CSA.
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I've got a relationship with a salesperson at BB and I couldn't be happier. Even though I'm not a big time customer she knows me by name when I walk in. She's willing to help out pretty hardcore on getting me the best deal BB offers since I'm a student and I've had really good experiences overall. I think there are a lot of pieces in the BB lines that may have quality issues or fit issues, but I've had really good luck with what I've ended up with. Plus, the tailor is an older Russian guy who does a pretty solid job.
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a recent customer service experience from a local BB outlet store...

due to weight loss, I have about 12 (mostly 1818 and couple of BF) shirts that are now way too big. The store manager instructed me to bring over all the BB shirts and have so he can check for wear and tear. Also, I wasn't aware of a store policy (local, not sure) that any item still on their current inventory can be exchange at no cost...

we found 10 out 12...and for the other 2 he offered me $20 each which I can immediately use for additional purchase...I just added extra $25 and I have 2 new 1818 shirts..

a very happy and satisfied customer ...
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Yeah,that's awesome. You all know that you are increasing their cost of doing business and their prices for all of the customers,right? Where do you think all that returned merchandise goes? It gets sold below cost and they lose money on those items but they have to mark up other stuff in order to make profit.
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