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A brown and a mouse, I think.

- B
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Dark brown cord jacket is cool to me but dark brown cord suit is not.
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Originally Posted by Maccimus View Post
Dark brown cord jacket is cool to me but dark brown cord suit is not.

Thank you... I'll keep that in mind.

- B
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I tried the cord cream, 3 piece. Color didn't suit me, I'll keep looking but I don't think it'll be a commissioned piece.
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I just bought a 2nd-hand dark-brown Canali cord suit of eBay. I love it. Unfortunately the previous tailor hacked the pants so they are slightly too short (i.e. they barely break). Some of you would see this as a plus! However it's not my personal preference. However it's a great casual suit. Very comfortable.
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I think a cord suit is wonderful. Dark brown doesn't bother me. I can see it now with a blue OCBD, a nice scarf and suede shoes or boots. It is such a comfortable material and ideal for casual dress.

I took one on a month long vacation to Paris and Rome during December and wore it all the time.
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Zegna's CashCo is really, really nice and has beautiful rich colors

maybe the tailors on SF can comment about the durability and quality of the fabric (it has a great hand)

Borrelli had a CashCo gunmetal gray sportcoat with brown leather patches under the elbows last year that was made of it and it was spectacular

I'm seriously thinking of having Chan do a matching sportcoat in it

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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
Excellent necropost.

It wasn't just plain old necro. It was necro by a forum virgin - a first post!.

Did someone get it on video?
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I have a couple of cashco jackets. One darker green one rust. For the autumn/winter make me happy.
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My understanding was that, back in the day, the wale in the pants ran horizontally, not vertically. My bother had a pair of cords like this (bought in the last decade, manufacturer unknown).

Can anyone confirm this?
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voxsartoria: Thanks for the link - I think that the Rust corduroy is calling to be made into a 3 piece suit, as well... It's a fabulous colour and would grab the light and shade perfectly! I'm with pocketsquareguy - Both on the thinking that a cord suit is wonderful and not being concerned by the idea of a dark brown suit although as my current cord suit is dark green, I think a brighter colour for the next one is calling... If not rust (see above), then possibly Corn (in voxsartoria's link). NewYorkRanger: I don't think I would go for cream or white - Far too easy to get grubby in my humble opinion. Doxe: I am not sure about ribs originally running horizontally but back in the 80's I had a pair of square-cut rib corduroy jeans and I wore them until they fell off me! Best wishes fellow-posters from a forum virgin! Thanks razl! LOL
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How would leather buttons look on a mid/dark brown corduroy SC ?
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Originally Posted by zjpj83 View Post
I recently wore a corduroy suit and felt silly. I'm inclined to wear the jacket and trousers separately, but not together again.

Tan corduroy suits are just beautiful..

I bought one 15 years ago and it was superb.
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