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Corduroy Suit? What do you think?

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So I was in Filene's after work today, and they had a few dark brown corduroy suits (by Zegna, Dunhill, etc.) priced at around $899.

What's your opinion of dark brown corduroy suits?

Should I get one for winter? And if so - what shoes should I wear with it? Brown suede oxfords like the Allen Edmonds Suede Hancock pictured below? And a matching brown suede belt? Or would that be too much brown going on?

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I love cord suits and jackets.
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I think corduroy suits look great, especially in dark brown. However, $900 seems pretty expensive for corduroy.
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Originally Posted by coachvu
I think corduroy suits look great, especially in dark brown. However, $900 seems pretty expensive for corduroy.

My tailor tells me really good quality corduroy (not the rubbish they use for cheap trousers) is hard to come by.
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Brown belt and brown shoes with a brown suit is fine. However, the suit alone is likely to be too much brown (and too much corduroy) for the typical work environment. Likewise, suede with suede might be a bit much.
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Cord suits: Go for it. All brown: Avoid. Maybe some black Chelsea boots and black belt to break it up nicely. Avoid striped shirts and ties considering how much vertical line corduroy has.
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No reason a dark brown corduroy shouldn't work. Maybe you could post a picture of it?
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Corduroy suits are both beautiful and comfortable. It's not that it's always a concern but keep in mind they really dont stay looking good for long. Therefore you might consider no spending too much on them.
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Out of curiosity, what ties/shirts would you wear with a brown corduroy suit?
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Why brown? I think there are nicer colours for a corduroy suit.
Check http://sumisura.zegna.com/ - seasonal fabrics - cashco; isn't the first suit of the photogallery a nice corduroy one? I was thinking about ordering one, but the problem with a corduroy suit is that I fear that the trousers get worn out very rapidly.
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I recently wore a corduroy suit and felt silly. I'm inclined to wear the jacket and trousers separately, but not together again.
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whatever you do, don't join the Brown Team. Brown suit, shoes, belt ... it's just too much. Try spicing it up with black shoes and belt (great tip, Jovan) or a color combination I've come to love: brown with orange. I have this faconable orange/white large check patterned shirt and it goes great with brown linen pants. $900 seems a lot for corduroy, imho. Cord is usually the cheapest fabric at the store in my experience, that and linen. And while the Zegna pix forwarded by epa were great, I think with the roll-neck sweater one comes perilously close to the lecherous professor look (as exemplified by Donald Sutherland in "Animal House"). Avoid the suede elbow patches at all costs!
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I have never been a follower of fashion and wear what I like without worrying too much about what others think. I have always thought good quality corduroy looks smart and is suitable for casual and smart occasions. For several years I thought about a 3 piece corduroy suit and eventually saved up enough money to have one tailor-made in 100% cotton corduroy. Seeing as it was going to be an expensive investment (about GBP 500) I decided to go for the full deal and get a 3 piece jumbo (4 wale) corduroy suit. That was about 7 years ago and it is still looking fresh and fabulous (to me, at least).
I got married in it and also wear it to the theatre and operas. It gets noticed but I have never experienced looks of disdain or mockery and it is so comfortable and warm in the winter. In fact, I look forward to the cooler weather and a special occasion to get my favourite suit out of its protective cover and feel it on my body. My preference is to wear a plain white shirt and matching green tie with dark brown shoes - Keeping the rest of the outfit plain is a must if you go for a 3 piece corduroy suit, especially if it is in jumbo / elephant cord.
My advice: If you like something and want to wear it, go for it. I'm far too old to conform or worry about what others think and dress for my own pleasure and comfort.
Get the 3 piece suit and enjoy it!
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Excellent necropost. I'm stuck with two suit lengths of JG Hardy cord that I wanted to have made up into cheap suits, but now, might be forced to have made up into not cheap suits. :Fu: - B
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Thanks voxsartoria
Good luck with the "not so cheap" suits. What colours are the lengths of cord?
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