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I can't wear plain white shirts anymore

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I have a few nice ones but every time I reach for one in the closet, it seems there is always a better option like pale blue, pink, even cream, or often white with a pattern in another color. Except for quasi-black tie evening events like weddings, I just can't bring myself to wear plain white shirts anymore. Too boring, too stark a contrast... They make me think of black suits. Who wears plain white shirts?
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Same here. I now only own 2 white shirts and one is textured with microsquares and the other with herringbone. I wear a suit 4 days a week and a dress shirt and coat on Fridays and the white shirts only get worn a couple times a month.
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When I wear a very patterned jacket(I have some) and a very patterned tie, sometimes I wear white. Also sometimes I wear a colored sweater vest under my jacket and I think there is just too many colors.
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I have been coming back to them as of late.
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I assume that was a post in support of EL72 not wearing white shirts?

. . .

Anyway, I'm in the same boat. I much prefer stripes and checks. I have two, will probably get another soon, but they don't call to me in the morning.
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White shirts offer a rare quality : They match everything and are a blank canvas you can play with.....
The same rule do not fully applies to a pale blue ,cream or black shirt....
We can find very good tailored slim-fit white shirts in shops like Thomas Pink ,Gian-Franco Ferre or Frey for example...
If you have a tan or have a darker complexion ,white shirts are not as bland as you can imagine...
White shirts are versatile and classy but do not have automatically the killer punch,the edge that others colours can offer...
I always remember leaving the office , taking off my tie and feeling quite at ease with my white shirt at the terrace of a cafe sipping coffee or later on in a club...It is where the white shirt is interesting...Avery good all-rounder....
The only important thing ...A white shirt must be tailored ,to avoid the post-graduate look ...
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I only wear white for interviews and formal.

Light Blue is the workhorse, and much better for my complexion.
And stripes patterns etc.

I think I'll write a book recommending this.
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It's interesting: For many years I wore nothing with coat and tie except for plain white shirts on the theory they were the universal mixer, the blank canvas, etc. Now I, too, seldom wear them. They just seem boring as hell and not nearly as becoming as colored or patterned shirts.
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I love my white shirts. Wide Spread, Keaton Spread, w/ Black Buttons, w/ special details, w/ french cuffs, w/ flowback cuffs. Yummy.
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I have a number in rotation. Some ties really need white shirts. Mine have surface texture, so they are a little less boring.
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I rarely wear a white shirt but whenever I do, I receive many compliments. FWIW, I am dark complected.
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Just speaking of solids, it seems that light blues and light pinks are my workhorse shirts. I wear white about as rarely as the creams.
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White and light blue shirts are staples for me. I find light pink difficult to match in terms of neckties.
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