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Mold stench

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My first post. I find this forum most fascinating and stimulating, but I'm not in any way ready yet to post in, say, What Are You Wearing Right Now. Instead, I'll start off here, with a question that is only somewhat related to clothes and shoes, as it has to do with cloth and leather:

I recently won an old Carradice bicycle saddle bag on Ebay. Alas, it stinks of mold and old basements. I've tried washing it ever-so-gently (Duck canvas and leather straps), but to no avail. Can any of you give me an advice that will save my otherwise lovely bag?
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Febreeze Anti-Microbial + squeezed lemon juice + outdoor air dry. After it dries, try putting some cedar chips (or any other desired scent) in a cloth and close them inside the bag for a few days.
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White vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray wherever you need to. Then let it air dry outside.
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I would suggest letting it sit outside in the sun on a warm sunny day to start with. But it appears you are in Denmark. They probably don't get many of those, and they will be at least 4 months away I think you'll find it is definitely salvageable though; with a combination of mild cleaning, scents (lemon or cedar), and sunlight. It may just take a while to reverse years of sitting in a damp basement.
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Thanks a lot, all of you. Your expertise is extraordinary.
Yes, summer is still far away, so I'll try white vinegar, lemon juice, anti-microbial, and perhaps some sort of scent.
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Please try them about 4 days appart. Layering them will result in a smell even worse than the mold!
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Originally Posted by Blackhood View Post
Please try them about 4 days appart. Layering them will result in a smell even worse than the mold!

Sounds reasonable!
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Just put vodka on a rag and rub it down. Oil it a day or so later. Works with shoes.
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