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New Saks Windows - The Sartorialist Blog

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Fashion Blog Steams Up Saks Windows

The mainstreaming of blogging isn't exactly news anymore "” just look at, well, this Website "” but still, the Saks Fifth Avenue windows that debuted today must mark some kind of milestone. Several have been done up as "” and it feels weird just to type this "” page layouts from the fashion-forward blog the Sartorialist. The wily Saks designers left no detail out, capturing even the fonts and the little envelope icon (hey, those pants got seven comments!). We impulsively clicked over to the Sartorialist half-expecting to find some sort of mind-blowing switcheroo "” perhaps its blogspot.com template looks like ... Saks Fifth Avenue! But no, it was the usual design, although the top story was indeed a report from a Saks event in San Francisco. So what's the deal behind what must rank as one of the fashion world's odder cross-promotions?

Head sartorialist Scott Schuman writes us: "We have begun a series of events at Saks stores in which I interview a designer and cover it on my blog." And what's in it for Saks? "Michael Macko, VP Fashion Director Men's, is the guy that really saw the potential for something that would be special and different for the men's division."

We're guessing that the Satorialist's status as CondeNet's semi-official fashion blogger doesn't hurt either.
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I went by Saks and saw them today. They take up the uptown half of the 5th Ave frontage. The overall effect is curious. The photos in each window are behind dummies made up with an approximation of the subject's clothes. Copy on the windows indicates the makers of the dummies' garments. The window copy indicates that the Sartorialist is only concerned with how fashion industry people dress, although we know he can find interestingly dressed people in many other situations. None are well known, at least to junior sartorialist -- other than Michael Bastian. The subjects have their inimiable style. The dummies, even when dressed in close copies of the photographed clothing, are just dummies, and further lacking that final detail -- the perfectly peaked lapel, or the inimitably striped shirt -- that made the subject a candidate for The Sartorilist's camera in the first place. Calling all wannabees! Calling all wannabees! A department store creates shop windows to show that, ultimately, true style cannot be purchased. Poignant. EDIT: My 1,000th post.
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Very interesting. Thanks for the link.
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