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Movies You watch Over and Over and Over

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There's a big difference between cinematic achievements in filmmaking and movies you can simply watch over and over again....so what films do people watch repeatedly on dvd or cable?

my dvds I watch repeatedly:
-Alfie (Law)
-That Thing You Do
-Down with Love
-Anything Else
-*totally forgot Snatch!

on cable:
-Oceans 12
-Italian Job (when it was on constantly)
-Bourne Supremacy
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Amelie Snatch Fear and Loathing in LV Blow Donnie Darko Big Lebowski The Island Royal Tenenbaums Life Aquatic
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my man godfrey. especially when i'm wasted. it's just so... surreal
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-A Christmas Story (well, only at one time of the year)
-The Great Escape
-Austin Powers 1-3
-Almost any Bond movie
-The Sting
-Grand Prix
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If it's a rainy day and I have nothing to do, I'll usually watch one of:

40 Year Old Virgin
The Incredibles
Blues Brothers
Life Aquatic
This Is Spinal Tap
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Enter The Dragon
Godfather 1,2
Star Wars 4,5,6
Master & Commander
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
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Butterfield 8
The Barefoot Contessa
All About Eve
Milded Pierce
Harriet Craig
Peyton Place
Gone With the Wind
Pillow Talk
Sorry, Wrong Number
Double Indemnity
From the Terrace
Ten North Frederick
High Noon
Ship of Fools
Rear Window (this although the kissing scenes between James Stewart and Grace Kelly, are sickening.)
Suddenly, Last Summer
From Here to Eternity
Woman's World
The Godfather
Demetrius and the Gladiators
The Dirty Dozen
All the King's Men (original, 1949 version)
Room at the Top
La Dolce Vita
Mommie Dearest
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
The Bad Seed
Four Feathers
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Top Gun on repeat. I believe that is someone's sig.
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Die Hard
The Karate Kid (holy crap...did i just admit that?)

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The Last Waltz
Step Into Liquid
Duck Soup
The General/Steamboat Bill
Time Bandits
The Sting
Raiders of TLA
Murder By Death
Raising Arizona
Spinal Tap
Reservoir Dogs
The Great Escape
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The short list would be:

Roman Holiday
Deconstructing Harry
Die Hard
LOTR Trilogy
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (almost forgot this one but i've seen it 10-15 times)

plus one movie i'm too embarrased to post
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Any Kevin Smith movie except Jersey Girl
High Fidelity
Billy Madison

actually come to think of it, basically any comedy i have in my DVD collection.
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Originally Posted by sonick
High Fidelity

Ahh, another one we watch over and over again.
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The Godfather (I & II)
Shattered Glass (I don't know why - it always sucks me in)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Midnight Run
Beverly Hills Cop
Star Wars/Empire/Return
Animal House

I'm sure there are many others.
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American Psycho
True Romance
Battle Royale
The Fifth Element
Enter The Dragon
Fight Club
Dark City
Groundhog Day
Lost In Translation
King Of New York
A Life Less Ordinary
Princess Mononoke
Mister Baseball
Mystery Men
Real Genius
The Karate Kid II
Vision Quest
They Live
Die Hard With A Vengeance
Repo Man
The Secret Of My Success
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Finding Nemo
The Lion King
Winnie the Pooh (original and the Heffalump one)
Lilo and Stitch (1 and 2)
Brother Bear
Shrek (1 and 2)
Chicken Little
Little Einsteins Mission Celebration
Elmo visits the doctor

Can you tell I have kids?

I very rarely watch the same movie twice. Since I don't have much time to watch movies, I would rather watch something new when I have the chance.
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