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Who makes better T-shirts? Uniqlo or American Apparel (or other)? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by ayn View Post
alternative apparel tees are nice, super soft.

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Uniqlo > AA , IMO
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Originally Posted by zacharydschroeder View Post
size up one?

Nah, I tried that but I like the length and body width of the M, just have broad shoulders. I might eventually resort to tailoring larges but I would like to just find a better fit.
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Originally Posted by bigsink View Post
Does anyone know the measurements of the uniqlo tee's?

You can find Japanese Uniqlo t-shirts size chart at the bottom of this page:

You can buy many Uniqlo tees from this site. Many of the designs are only available at Uniqlo Japan stores. The t-shirts are reasonably priced and shipped worldwide.
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I have a bunch of each company listed and I still like Gap T-shirts moreso than any other. I usually just wear the white or grey vnecks that come in packages of 2..
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i really like the pantone series of solid coloured t-shirts by uniqlo
the shirts have a good saturation of colour to them
they have a good slim fit
they wash well and don't lose their shape out of the dryer either

i've found the opposite with aa
aa shirts seem to lose their shape after a few washes, especially in the collar area
although the fit of aa is fine, i've found that uniqlo is now my preference
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Originally Posted by Rome View Post
C+C cotton is super soft but I couldnt tell you if the price is worth for the way the shirt is going to be worn. Personally I go for 2xist shirts at discount resellers for about $12 a three pack. If you decide to go this route size up, they shirnk a size.

Yes but don't get a v neck. The neck doesn't retain its shape at all.
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I always go with American Apparel. They also sell the 50/50 which fit a little bigger because they don't shrink as much.
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Adam + Eve tee's are $38. I'm sure they're nice but that's a bit nuts. I'd love to get some of that Uniqlo stuff but there isn't one around here. Everything I've heard about American Apparel leads me to believe that their shirts will fall apart after repeated wearings. Poor quality. Never heard of C+C or Continental before this thread. Anyone have their wears?
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what's the quality on the uniqlo tees? I might get some when i go back to hong kong.
i don't think AA tees are that great, i'm a big fan of egyptian cotton or supima cotton tees, a company that has that is j. lindeberg
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Hanro makes very quality t-shirts. Brioni t-shirts are of as high quality as I've ever seen.
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I've checked out a couple places, but I am not easily finding any tees for around 5-8 dollars each. Do some people have their own wholesale accounts at AA? Someone even quoted $4.90/ea. That's a fantastic deal, but non-reproducible as far as I can tell.
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American Apparel tees are 5.90 each at wholesale for the regular ones. Thermals are I think 10 and long sleeve tees are 9.50. Organic tees are 7.05. These are the only wholesale prices I know for AA.
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Uniqlo has too high of a neck on their tees
i prefer AA...

I also find uniqlo to be somewhat thinner
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the uniqlo pantone series t-shirts that i picked up in japan are thicker cotton (in comparison to aa t-shirts, to me at least), not thin at all, and have that interesting shoulder yoke that makes it very form fitting

as mentioned above, yes, they do tend to sit higher in the neck though

adam t-shirts are nice, very thick cotton, washes and wears well
the one thing i don't like is that 'plus' symbol that is sewn onto the back at the neck area

.... if price isn't an option, schiesser and calida make t-shirts that rival hanro and zimmerli, but at a much lower price point, but still more than what you'll pay for aa or uniqlo and the like
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