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Affordable borrelli

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The fellow who runs the ebay store "The World's Finest" is going to start selling a whole load of Borrelli products on his other auction site. These won't be sold through ebay. Here's the email he sent me in response to an inquiry about a Borrelli shirt in his store: [quote] I just received 200 Borrelli shirts. I will receive in the next 2 to 3 weeks about 300 suits and sportjackets, and about 40 pairs of pants, all Borrelli. We will not be posting these up on eBay because of agreements I had to make. We are going to post them to our "Entire Inventory" link you see on every eBay auction page we have.The good thing about that for customers is there will not be any bidding wars. Go to any one of our auction pages. Click on the button on the left hand side that says "Entire Inventory". That will take you another page. On that page click on the tab that says Borrelli Shirts. Thank you, Ian Pricing: French Cuff - $139 Standard Cuff - $129 Cut and paste this link into your browser: [quote] I don't know the seller personally and gain no benefit from this post, but it sounds like a cache of higher-quality RTW that some may miss since it won't be on ebay and may covet. I have bought a few shirts from him and they are as advertised -- brand new, nothing wrong with them, spotlessly clean, etc. It's been a good way to try some brands I've never used before. Best of luck.
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thanks for the tip mr. magoo.
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I am trying to decide between a pointed collar Borrelli and a button down Barba on his site...
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All of these shirts have sleeves that are too long. Is it possible to get them adjusted to be shorter?
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All of these shirts have sleeves that are too long. Is it possible to get them adjusted to be shorter?
Absolutely. Any competent alterations tailor can do it. I've had it done on several shirts.
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Alias, Just about all ready-to-wear (but high end) shirts in the US have sleeves that are far too long. That way, the stores only need to worry about neck size; they can be assured that they will never lose a sale because the sleeves are too short. Of course, the downside is that just about every RTW shirt needs to be altered to have the sleeves shorted.
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in some brands it is VERY hard to find long enough sleeves... Thomas Pink, Zegna, Boss being some. I wear a 17x36 in most shirts and almost all with that neck size are 34, 35, or 34/35.
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