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If I have a scar on my shoes and I don't want to use cream because I am afraid of altering the color what should I do to correct it ? Neutral wax wont cover the scar, right ? I bought the shoes a week ago.

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Depends. Post pictures.
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I have just ordered 'Handmade Shoes for Men' by Laslo Vass and Magda Monar for £9 on Amazon. It looks good, if a bit of the sort of thing that some people would put on a coffee table. 

It's a good book. And a fascinating look at the shoemaking in Eastern Europe and esp. the somewhat divergent Austro-Hungarian tradition. As such it reflects a somewhat singular perspective...although there is much that is universal too. Every shoe aficionado should own this book and read it.

To the extent that a person is able to empathize and/or imagine being one of the makers...and the time and difficulties and skills involved...there's a lot to learn here. If only (by comparison) why and how shoemaking and shoes have been dumbed down to meet consumer demand, and how age old standards of quality have been sacrificed to ignorance and the bottom line.

But it is a coffee table book, it is not a tutorial.
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Thanks for all your comments on the shoe book, chaps!  I am very much looking forward to getting it. 

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Here is the photo.

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Honestly you should just touch it lightly with a good quality brand shoe cream in dark brown. Decent brands like Saphir and such aren't like paint where it will discolor the shoe, but rather transparent when applied with just lightly depositing color. I think you'd be fine doing that and just brushing. Or even dab it with Montana Pitch Blend, or Obenauf's LP, letting it dry and just giving it a quick buff. FWIW, I think it looks fine will the style of that leather and boots. If that is all too much just try giving it a brush.
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What's the best neutral shoe polish brand?

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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post


any other options besides GlenKaren?

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Well, it is kind of like going into a car thread and asking "What is the best white car?" There are different opinions, preferences, experiences and so on. That is mine and I stand by it.
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Speaking of GlenKaren, anyone have experience with the light brown shoe cream? Would it be a good match for Carmina's "cognac" as seen here?

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+1 to Glenkaren. Great product, if you can manage to stop yourself from eating it.

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i have been cleaning/shining my shoes for years with kiwi. first, i set it on fire in the can then blow it out and apply the liquid to the shoe. i buff first with a soft cotton cloth and finish up with a soft bristle brush. i pay a lot for my shoes and this technique has kept the leather from cracking and makes it look great. i do like a well polished look. they also last for years.

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Any Toronto folks know of any places to buy Saphir Renovateur and/or Obenhauf's LP?

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