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Cologne "going off"?

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I've encountered this problem once or twice with colognes, particularly with my current favourite, Gucci Pour Homme. What started out as a rich, complex aroma has seemingly died down to a few notes (which don't smell very nice). I wonder if it's due to heat (fairly warm climate) or just age (I've had it about a year, bottle's still half full).

Does anyone else get this? Is there any solution you know of (I've heard of people keeping them in the fridge!)


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It could be age. Another option concerns whether it is a spray or the kind you dip your finger into. The dipping kind (someone help me out with the proper term), since it is touching your finger with its oils, etc. will go bad much quicker.

Maybe you just need a change for a bit--is it just in your nose?

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It's not age. Fragrances can last many years, if stored correctly. I have some vintage Creed from 30 years ago that is perfect. Heat is definitely an issue. They should be stored in a dark, cool, place, typically at less than 23C (70F) and can go bad if stored in warmer temps.
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Could be your chemistry. Anything 'niche,' turns into turpentine, on my skin. My favorites are from Nina Ricci . . . an old house, that barely gets any mention, these days.

I've been told many times, that NU EDP by Saint Laurent, smells similar to Gucci Envy. I don't think so myself, but you may want to give NU a try.
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Could it be simply that your cologne is made by a shoe company?
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Actually that's quite a good scent and lasts a long time on many. It's not one of my favorites, but I can understand how someone would appreciate it.
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It's probably the heat. In my experience, sweat is the death of any good cologne.
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Where have you stored it? I cringe every time I see someone storing a very nice, expensive fragrance on top of his dresser. Heat and light are the enemies of fragrance, and you want to store your frags in a place where they avoid both at all cost.
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Some colognes smell strange when they dry down. Could be body chemistry or a bad batch of fragrance. It happens to me sometimes when I try new fragrances, which is why I usually will sample anything I like in the store and walk around with it for a day or so before buying.

If it doesn't work, I wouldn't wear it. There's too many fragrnaces on the market to put up with drydown funk.
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Originally Posted by The False Prophet
(I've heard of people keeping them in the fridge!)

I keep my good stuff in the freezer.

For the record, my 'good stuff' is


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Thanks for the replies, gentlemen!

To clarify, it doesn't just smell strange on me, but strange full stop...I took a card from my local department store, and sprayed a little of mine on some cardboard to compare, and the difference is immediately noticable.

As a general rule, I store mine inside it's box, in my dresser. It was during the recent winter months that it seems to have gone bad, so I don't think undue heat is the villain.

I mentioned it to a salesperson at the department store in question, she said they could probably exchange it with proof of purchase, which I lack. However, as I am a regular customer, I am hoping they will give me the benefit of the doubt.

Fingers crossed! I love the fragrance, but would be reluctant to buy more for the same thing to happen. I may actually put it to them, as a compromise, that because I've used half the bottle, approximately, I'd be happy to exchange it for a half-empty tester.

Reasonable, no?


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That's reasonable. I think if you're a regular customer, they'll work with you, because it sounds like you got a bad batch.
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Or it could have gotten some kind of something in it. That happens to my "splash out" colognes, sometimes. The spray kind apparently have a better shelf life, since their technically sealed all the time, so arent likely to get full of skin muck.
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Originally Posted by MCsommerreid
Or it could have gotten some kind of something in it. That happens to my "splash out" colognes, sometimes.

Yeah, probably what happened, or the bad batch. I left a bottle of Tommy in the car all summer and it didn't even go bad. You probably got some old sock in it.
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It's got a metal atomiser, and I doubt anything could sneak in there. I did fly with it recently, but it was in carry-on baggage. And I've done that once or twice before...
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