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Closet cleaning: Peter Elliot, Paul Stuart, Filson, Lidfort, Wain Shiell

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Closet cleaning...some decent bargains to be had. Paul Stuart suit: 38R, made in Canada PS main-line suit. Fabric is an unusual and versatile pattern of greenish mid-gray with an overcheck of gold, scarlet and blue. The fabric really looks like a conservative window pane, but the colors can be played up. Works as great add-on suit to work into rotation. $125>$100>$80>$70$60 CONUS. Fully lined. Pants cuffed with double pleats. Measurements: 30.5" length from bottom of collar, 18" shoulders from top of seam across back, 16" back from narrowest point between shoulder seams, 20" chest between seams beneath arms, 24.5" sleeve length; trouser length: 40.5", trouser inseam: 30.25", waist: 33" but fits like a 32. Wain Shiell fabric: 1.4 meters, 14.3 oz., thick houndstooth tweed. Gray with dark green and cherry overcheck. Absolutely lovely. Purchased from SF poster as part of a clean out of vintage fabric from a Hong Kong tailor. Would make fantastic winter jacket. $125 CONUS>$118>$110>$100 (a little less than what I paid). Zegna fabric: 2.9 meters, 12.6 oz thick wool-mohair glen plaid. Crisp and clean gray plaid with red overcheck. Would make an amazing mod suit or tribute to Ohio State overcoat. Also part of Hong Kong fabric clear-out. $150. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Filson computer bag: classic no. 257 in otter green. Nice and broken in, but no substantial wear to it. I bought off eBay and found that it was larger than I'd like. Trying to recoup the cost. $195>$185 CONUS. Lidfort disco boots: calf-skin in burgundy, leather sole. 7.5 in Lidfort (purchased at Barneys), but easily fits a US 9. Sole dimensions are 12" x 5.5". $100>$95 CONUS. Sold: Sartoria jacket: perfect, casual summer jacket. Cotton twill, 48eu/38R (let out to be closer to 39R), rather unstructured with only a mesh lining on side panels. 3 button roll-through with patch pockets. The jacket has oodles of handwork, as you'd expect from Sartoria, e.g., the lapel buttonhole is handmade. Modified surgeon's sleeves where the first three buttons un-button, and the fourth button is sewn to the sleeve as normal. Burberry: chav-tastic cotton pants in Burberry check. Given as gift a few years ago and perhaps worn once, if that. Summery and bold with cross pockets. FORE! Peter Elliot jacket: black casual heavier-weight unconstructed jacket. 3-buton roll through with hacking pockets and ticket pocket. 90% wool/10% cashmere felt jacket, made in France. Listed French 42, but measures to 40R. Length: 31" from bottom of collar, 18" shoulders across back, 17" across back at narrowest point of shoulder seam, 21" chest across back beneath shoulder seams, 25" sleeve.
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I like the Paul Stuart, nice find on Peter Elliot. They do carry a lot nice stuff used to browse their store once every so often when I used to live in Upper East Side.
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Ahhh bugger, those Burberry pants are so wrong yet I really want them...
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Your idea of an Ohio State overcoat is
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i want a full body suit made just like those burberry pants!!
with louis vitton shoes, dressed to kill.......
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love the satoria, except for the near anorexic shoulder width
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Price drops and update.
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Sartorio scooped by me Now somebody go buy my Kiton so I can justify it.
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Update and price drops.
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New items: Filson computer bag and Lidfort boots. Also, price drops on previously-posted items.
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More price drops
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