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What was your first post on this forum?

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And have you changed much since it? Do you still stand by it? Mine was:

"or bush applying the term 'axis of evil' to a list of un-linked countries."

in April of this year. In its context I still stand by it.
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In the "cowboy boots... are they back?" thread (not started by me)...
Originally Posted by shoreman80 on January 16th, 2004
I wanted to see others opinions. I don't own any boots higher than the ankle, but I was considering these:

Do they look reasonable, as in wearable? I know $100 isnt much for boots, but it's still $100 I could spend better elsewhere if I can't wear 'em with jeans.

$100? I shoulda bought 'em. They'd be good and worn in by now!
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I recommended Toastmasters to another poster who had inquired abut people's experiences. I still do. That was way back in July.
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I dont remember my first post, but my first thread was asking if anyone was familiar with Duncan Quinn suits back in 2004.....with zero replies.

so not much has changed in my aesthetic
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My first one was lost in the crash. I restarted in march, here it is:

I stand by it naturally. Belais links rule!
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it was a response in a thread about whether certain clothing companies made clothes specifically for their outlet stores. the post was on Jan 29, 2004.

on another note, the search feature is amazingly fast. it found all of my 400+ posts in a few seconds.

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in j's thread regarding suits "rescued" from corpses being sold in thrift shops. (A rather ironic aside: my not-quite-ex is now probably dreaming daily of me burning, but while alive!)
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shes not my girlfriend anymore, but she still loves t-rex
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Mine was quite anticlimactic, and I had to jump through some hoops to get the forum software to show my posts as there were too many:

It was a one line reply in the venerable "Belvest suits on ebay " thread
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my first was about old shoes - when to give up on shoes. by the way, the shoes in question are still going strong 2 years later.

my second was this:

which is more interesting.

the first thread I really got active in was about gun control, and I think that it really pissed a number of poeple off.
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MY first post was a poll to settle a bet between me and my then girlfriend. I bet that emblematic ties such as the ones at J.Press were more acceptable than monochromatic tie and shirt combo a la Regis. And I won!
That was January 27, 2004, don't let the post count fool you I'm an O.G.
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I believe this was my first post...

Bear in mind that Ben Sherman was not nearly as overplayed then as it is now and by "the other forum" I was referring to the GQ Forum.

I still have one of these shirts, but I tend to wear other stuff more now.
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A question on interview wear for graduate school in February 2003.
I will be graduating in June 2007.
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I think my first question was whether you can wear a striped shirt with a pinstriped suit.
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