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UPDATE - A Levi's store employee tells me the Offenders have a two-button fly and match these measurements, so mystery solved!

These weren't the size the ebay auction I won said they were (30x34) and the seller won't refund my payment, so I'm going to try to make at least a little back by listing them accurately. They're an unknown model from the Levi's Premium line - the tag says Demi, but I've been unable to find any information about that name online. They're tagged a 30 (no inseam listed), the waist measures 15.5" buttoned and laid flat, the inseam is 31", the hem is 8.5", the knee is 7.5", and the thigh measures 9". Here's where they're reallly interesting, though - the front rise is only 7.5" (11.5" rear), which is so low that the button-fly only has two buttons.

Overall, they're in good shape - some fading on the knees, thighs, and hems, and some light crotch whiskering. The previous owner cut the hems 1" along the inseam, though (another detail he failed to mention) - my guess is to make them lay better over sneakers.

Since the Levi's Premium stuff typically only retails for $100-130, I'm only looking for $30 shipped for these (that's in the US - $35 to Canada). My paypal addy is brozek(at) and I can ship the next business day after receiving payment. Thanks!


(the perspective on this last photo makes them look a lot more bootcut and light blue than they actually are)