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Kidcoin is as legit as they come, definitely recommend getting your pair from him if you are in the market. Worth nothing though, the pair I received is definitely of lower quality than a previous pair that I owned.. The pleather is meh, there is a very significant amount of excess glue on the front of the shoe, and the tongues are not even the same length, with about a 1/2" difference between the right and the left. Not things that are a huge deal, especially considering they are $60 sneakers that will get beat anyways, but figured it was worth nothing there may be a difference in batch quality of pairs produced. 

Hey sorry to hear that you're kind of dissapointed. I always try to separate the wheat from the chaff but it's not always possible with the smaller or bigger sizes, sometimes somethings slips through, but I try my best to send photos if they have some irregularities.. Ultimately, I won't be able to do this for much longer because I can only get less and less of the shoes in better condition myself. 

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Wait so U.S. cost 55 for these +12 delivery? Absolutely.

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kidcoin: Do you have a pair in 11? Let me know.


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