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Awesome thread!

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uhhhh i ordered a pair of the JCP GATs. SF please forgive me, i bought them with the intention of wearing them to death at concerts and whatnot. after a coupon code they came down to $19.99.

i'll post a little review of them once they get delivered.
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i would buy a pair
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I actually have a pair of JCP GATs. No one would tell the difference when you wear it, Only complaint is the material is not as nice as margiela, not breathable.
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Can anyone provide some sizing advice for me?

AE 5 last: 6E
Trubalance/Barrie last: 6D
Clarks DB: 6
Sneakers/sperrys: between 6.5 and 7
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Here is  a size chart, this should help a bit 

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So GATs go by Mondosize then?
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Mondopoint, yes.
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In that case, looking for a 250 or 245.
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looking for a pair in 270
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got these bad boys from JC Penney. came to $21.24 after coupon and sales tax. real leather/suede, same soles as most "real" GATs. surprisingly good quality for so cheap. they're just as comfortable as my MMMs too.

in comparison, size 40 margiela mids vs. size 8 JCP lows. dont mind the insoles i just swapped those in there

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Saw a guy wearing the JCP GATs combined with expensive stuff a few days ago and I just assumed they were like the Dior version or whatever; they look real nice in person, especially for ~$20.

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I am ordering German Army Trainers in bulk, and was wondering if any of you guys want a pair? I’ve been looking to get a pair of these shoes for awhile, and finally found a military surplus dealer willing to ship, and decided to order the shoes in bulk for anyone else looking to get a pair, but holding off because of the crazy shipping prices. For those wondering what’s up with these shoes, jdbee has a great post with a little background. Anyway if anyone is interested please read below about the details and how to let me know.




$55 SHIPPED CONUS ($43 + $12 domestic shipping)


Shoes are deadstock Original German Army Trainers in  excellent pre-owned condition (shoes are in excellent condition, leather and soles in very good condition, possibly slightly more wear on the insoles( easily replaced) , but overall very little wear and tear, shoes have been partially punched by the German Armed Forces, two small holes in the heel area)


Shoes are available in sizes 40.5 to 46.5 (see chart below)


If interested:

  • Contact me as soon as you can as there is very limited availability in many of the sizes, and limited order space.
  • Email me at (and yes I did make an email just to keep this organized) with the size you are interested in (e.g. 37, 45... ect.) this size chart should help

  • DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until I have contacted you about the availability of your size and payment address!


Also is there any interested in beat up pairs of GAT’s for $25 shipped?

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


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Anyone know any stores in germany I can visit to buy some gays?
Edit: gats
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Originally Posted by noobedloser View Post

Anyone know any stores in germany I can visit to buy some gays?

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