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Originally Posted by Crump's Brother View Post

It was probably in your head
How was Oktoberfest?

completely nuts


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I was there opening day and the second day...ended up drinking outside a couple of tents both days 'cause we got sick of waiting to get inside a tent...only to find that there were no open tables
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Anyone have any idea if the white painted gats are ever going to pop up again?
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11 in adidas superstars, what size GAT? (I've seen the chart and want someone to speak from experience.) 


Also I'm new here, where/how do I buy them?

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Got my size 270 the other day: excellent service from Zeemon.

They are a little on the small side (big toe is close to the end, width is fine) but wearable with thin socks or no socks. Probably should have gone 275, because sneakers are still ok when slightly too large
For reference, I am an 8.5 in clarks DBs and an 8UK in most dress shoes
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What does a size 40-41 in MMM GATs translate to for the OG GATs? And do you have them in stock?
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prob 270
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i used to wear 265 og gats and 41 mmm. 260 were just a little bit too small.

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As a result of Hurricane Sandy, my shoes took the full 12 days to reach my near DC house. I couldn't be happier, and I would definitely recommend Zeemon. 

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Does he still have 265 in stock?
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Looking to purchase 2 pairs size 295 if anyone can help. Just FYI the last pair I had I tossed the cheap factory insoles and replaced them with Superfeet "black" insoles and they were the most comfortable trainers I ever had.

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I'm looking to purchase 280/285 GATs.  I wear sizes 10-11 depending on the shoe so I'm not completely sure what size to get. 

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Got size 295's from Zeemon with no problems, he was great.

I normally take a 12-13 2E and the 295's fit perfect lengthwise but pinch some on the sides where the toes meet the foot. Hoping they'll stretch out some as they look nice.
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Do you have a size 290 available at the moment?


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