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Auckland NZ

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Looking to move there later this year with my girlfriend.
Wondering which areas are best for young people? I am an audio engineer and she is a graphic illustrator, where would be best to find jobs in these fields? We will have two years to solidify employment and obtain visa sponsorship from there.
Any advice/ things to know beforehand would be great.

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Are you buying or renting? The sort of work you are both in suggests Ponsonby / Grey Lynn, maybe Kingsland, or CBD. I would get an apartment in the CBD and have a look around when you get here.
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How are rents in the CBD? Looking for relatively low rent. Although Auckland seems to have a mostly closet sized studio flats. How are the bus systems, convenient or annoying?
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It's hard to find somewhere nice in the CBD. Most of the apartments are aimed at students (there are two major universities in the middle of town). I would agree with Gutman. Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Parnell etc are all generally nice. It depends what your budget is. Devonport is also a nice place if you're working in the CBD. Just a cheap ferry trip over the harbour. The buses are ok if you are living in one of the above inner-city suburbs. The trains aren't bad either. Auckland is very spread-out though. If you live much further out then the above suburbs then traveling can become a nightmare.
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youll have to learn a new language!
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Originally Posted by chrispy179 View Post
How are rents in the CBD? Looking for relatively low rent. Although Auckland seems to have a mostly closet sized studio flats. How are the bus systems, convenient or annoying?

Public transport outside the city can be a pain, traveling longer distances by bus can involve lots of changing and waiting time. Definitely consider getting a car if you're going to have to commute outside the city a lot.
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What is the most affordable of these suburbs? I dont need anything luxurious as my budget would probably be under 300/week although I really dont want to live in a closet sized studio. Some kind of townhouse/triplex kindof building would be nice, if these exist in auckland?
Used cars seem like they can be acquired pretty cheap on trademe, what are registration fees and petrol prices like?
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Are you meaning under NZ$300 per week? For two of you? Anywhere near to town will be a shoebox for that price. You could flat with other people though for that price range. If you mean US$300, then you have a lot more options. Personally, I would go as close in as possible, even the CBD area. You'll save $$$ and time on commuting, and the $$$ can go towards the rent.

I had a 80sm warehouse / loft type conversion in High Street (plonk in the middle of the cool part of CBD) for $350pw if that helps. I think I got a good deal though, most inner city apartments are smaller and intended for students. look at rentals on and you'll get the picture.

CBD carpaking is anywhere from $10 to $18 per day. Monthly carparks are from $200 per month. Auckland is not a "public transport" city unfortunately, because of its difficult geography. Yes, there are plenty of buses and some trains, but it all takes longer and probably costs more than in other countries.

Honestly, I would just get a CBD apartment on monthly tenancy until you get your bearings. Unless you sign a fixed term lease (uncommon in NZ for residential) you can terminate on 3 weeks notice, so no big dramas. Bonds have to be deposited with Government agency, so usually no difficulty getting them back (just take some photos when you move in). An apartment is more likely to be partly furnished and have all the whiteware.
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A loft style place for 350 a week would be pretty ideal. Thats probably the most we could afford as a start. Are there other places to look? All the stuff on trademe seems all the same. Thanks!
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Yeah there is not much variety. put "character" in the keyword search, that sometimes helps. Otherwise try looking in Eden Terrace, Parnell, Ponsonby, Kingsland etc. The place I was in was called Little High Street (in High Steeet, CBD), so try looking there again. Lots of places, and regular turn-over. No parking with any of these flats though, so you have to budget for that. Council parking building across the road is $205 per month (great), but no midnight-6am access.

These are both good buildings for what you might be looking for. Lots of apartment listings in the Whitcoulls building - quite an international flavour to CBD, South Americans, Asian etc.
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I was just looking at these ones. They look quite suitable, although slightly on the higher end of my price range. Im really just trying to get an idea of whats there for now. Will worry about specifics later. If I find a place in centre city, its doubtful a car would be necessary. How is Auckland for cyclists? Thanks!
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Not great. There have been quite a few publicised cyclist deaths in Auckland recently. Basically car drivers are very impatient, and *some* cyclists have rather independent views about the road code, or at least are not very good / fit cyclists. But plenty of people do ride. Just remember Auckland is a bumpy town, a car town, and there are frequent rain showers... If you're near to CBD it should be OK.
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Hi just joined the forum and found your tread. Is there any reason why you are set on Auckland? Wellington (the political capital) has a huge creative industry and may be a nice alternative to Auckland. I live in Auckland but in the suburbs, there are lots of nice areas around.


Hope it helps! Cheers

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