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Favorite chain restaurant?

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I know we have had a thread for our favorite restaurants, but none of them are chain? So I was wondering what your favorite chain restaurant is. I like Outback Steakhouse. Nothign beats a oil can Fosters, a blooming Onion and a larhe steak with fries from there. I could eat that everyday.
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I like cheesecake factory....chinese chicken salad and the ranch-house burger (steak pieces and bacon atop a 1/2 lb cheeseburger) and i'm good to go
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I like places like Chili's and Outback. They are no-nonsense places where I know what I am going to get when I order. I like that in a restaurant. There are times when I want to branch out and try out the new hole in the wall place or a fancy new restaurant where I can be pampered, but when I just want to eat, places like Outback/Chili's are staples.
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+1 on The Cheesecake Factory. They're fairly tasty and consitent.
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I have mentioned them before i think (yes, I can be like an, uhm, skipping mp3 ) but my undisputed favourite is Sam's Food. This is the only article I could find about them online (so far) Edit: Stevenrocks, Getsmart, what is the Cheesecake Factory?
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third the Outback recommendation. for a good sized chain, they make a damn good steak. and when you order a medium rare, you'll get a medium rare, blood and all.

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P.F. Chang's...

And they have a fast food version (eat-in or take-out) here in Arizona now as well - Pei Wei. I'm not sure how many other states this is in yet.

Stelios -

There's a Cheesecake Factory at Biltmore Fashion Square here in Phoenix. I've never been there, but I hear it's good. Large portions for entrees and desserts (obviously).
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Originally Posted by skalogre
what is the Cheesecake Factory?

It's a local So Cal chain that is huge. Hours long waits on weekends....there's even a wait on a tues nite. As the name suggests, their cheesecake menu is huge but the food is also pretty good, and you get gigantic portions. Nothing on the menu is phenomenal but it's great comfort food, you know what to expect and it always comes out just like you thought it would. Def worth a try if there is one in the area. And split the chinese chicken salad, it's one of those items you see nearly every table ordering.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
It's a local So Cal chain that is huge.

CF's are found outside of SoCal.
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Outback offers some pretty decent meals.

Chain restaurants catch a lot of criticism from a lot of foodies, but you have to give them credit. They offer consistent quality food and service no matter where you go, some pretty tasty meals, nice-sized portions (most often you have leftovers for the next day), and reasonable prices.

While I like checking out new, small, local establishments, I like knowing that I can go to Red Lobster or Outback and get a pretty decent meal for the money.
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Cheesecake factory is decent, though I find their clusterfuck of interior decor kind of overwhelming, at least the locations around here. Huge ceilings with big paintings on them, big greek-style columns, asian and egyptian art and decor all around...hard to take in all at once.
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there are a couple Cheese Cake Factories in Bellview by Seattle My favorite is a small chain called Staggering OX Sandwiches, mmmm delicious. I love the Mt. St. Hellens dispite the fact it is probably bad for me. Gimic and best feature of this place is their round can shaped bread that is filled with meats and cheeses. Fav large chain... thats a tough one, I guess Red Robin Burgers BTW the Outback steakhouses around here are the Suck. I always get Shit food and service
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QDoba/Chipotle are my favorite 'fast-food' chain restaurants. Quality food, tons better than taco bell, pretty quick service. Forgot to mention PF Changs and Maggianos, the upscale Italian chain, which seems to be located in close proximity to many PF Changs.
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cafe de coral in hongkong
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I love the Cheesecake factory ive been there 2 times and it was really really good with all the desserts and stuff!!!!
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