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Sushi in Seattle

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I've just recently moved to Seattle, and am looking for a few good, fresh, yet inexpensive sushi restaurants. Any recommendations? I would prefer some place with a nice view or ambiance. But would prefer good and cheap.

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Saito's and Shiro's down in Belltown are moderately priced, and frequently are mentioned in the top sushi places in Seattle. Mori in greenwood is decent. Blue in Bellevue is good, if somewhat pricey. I love Sushi at Lake Union is also pretty good. Sushiland (kaiten zushi) in Bellevue is moderately good, but cheap...

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

Welcome to Seattle!
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KojiOsakaya downtown has a nice view but is not totally cheap, the food is pretty good though
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I purchased a wedding gift for a friend at a restaurant called Kisaku. They had a great time & loved their meal.
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Kisaku in Green Lake and Ototo in Queen Anne are both pretty cool. Nishino in Madison Park is really good, but kind of expensive.
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I really, really like Mori in Greenwood, but I'm not a huge sushi fan. The sushi I have had there has been very good though. For a good pile of various Japanese food for a good price, try the bento B and sub in saba for the teriyaki steak (which isn't stellar). It's about $17 and probably enough for two non-ravenous people.
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