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I ran across this website last night - They appear to be a fairly young company based in Canada, providing MTM suits, shirts, pants and some ties. Their website and offerings looks sort of like they are going with the Indochino model, and similar price point.

Anyone heard of this place? Any comments about their work, quality, etc?

References I found via Google:
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I purchased a suit from there and am fairly happy with the result. It did take a while for it to arrive. They say three to four weeks, it took 5, but I can't say if it normally takes that long. I have a sample of 1, not quite enough to be a trend. The most important thing, the suit looks good and fit well. The fabric is as seen in the photos (no surprises). I got the Boris cut in charcoal. It's 100% wool, has a very nice feel, and is not too heavy. The pick stitching is subtle and classy. Slightly slim lapels, and a high breast pocket. It's a very modern look. I'm into that, so I was happy. I only had a few minor alterations to make. The pants were wearable but very tight. I'm adding a 1/2 inch to the crotch and another 1/2 at the waist. This may have more to do with my measuring than anything else. The one problem with the jacket, which is more to do with my body than the jacket. I have very square shoulders, and as such I get a slight wave underneath the jacket collar. This happens on every jacket I buy. I'm looking to see if this can be compensated for when creating the jacket for me if I were to order another suit. I will be purchasing a few shirts from them and can comment on those after I receive them.
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They have a Groupon going: pay $35 for $90 credit.

Some of their site stylistic elements remind me a lot of Indochino. Except Modasuite's "Perfect Fit Gaurantee" does not include remakes--alterations only. Is this related in any way to Indochino? They are also based in Canada.
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I got the shirts that I ordered. They are the best fitting shirts I've gotten. I ordered the white johnny shirt (extremely thin collar and covered placket) and the modern american shirt (bold plaid, button collar). I had tried shirts at another mtm site (blank label) and these are better. The fabric is higher grade and the cuffs/collar are of better quality as well. On the other hand the shirts are more expensive, so they better be a bit higher quality. I can't compare to proper cloth since I have yet to try one of their shirts, though I have seen a lot of good reviews. They seem to be updating their site a lot lately, so hopefully that means they are doing well and will continue to update their line. Unlike other sites, their shirts aren't often as customizable (can only customize cuff/collar type on their day shirts) but they seem to have a lot of cool designs to choose from and will hopefully keep updating regularly.
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I just recieved 4 shirts and they are amazing. Super 100s fabric, extremely slim fit (make sure you get your measurements right, there isn't a cm to spare anywhere on mine) and top shelf workmanship. Nicer than any of my CK, Calvin Klein or Kenneth Cole stuff. I have had some made to measure stuff done when I was over in Asia (Saigon and Bangkok), and this stuff is easily as nice. I might post some pictures once I have had a chance to wash and Iron those shirts.


One thing that really stands out is how nice the fabrics are. Beautiful colours and very light. I don't see myself going anywhere else for shirts for the next little while, I just hope they put out some slightly heavier fabrics in for their winter collection.


They are quite willing to customize stuff for you. I have been looking at getting a vest made to go with the suit and they seem to willing to bend over backwards to make you happy. If you want pockets on a shirt or something that isn't listed on the site, just ask and they will probably do it for you. 

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They have another deal going on at, it's $40 for $100 credit. You can buy up to 7 of them (has to be 7 different orders tho, I think).
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