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What color shirt and pant go well with olive jacket?

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I'm planning to purchase an Olive wool blazer and would like to know what colors (shirt and pants) would go with it. Thanks for the feedback.
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People probably will say that's a "small question," but it's actually a big question, maybe one reason olive suiting isn't popular. That particular jacket looks very close to a neutral color. Therefore, it could go with almost anything tasteful (white shirt, pale blue shirt, and so on). However, green shirt or olive pants probably would look lousy. Also, don't copy the website's look. That brown shade of the pants arguably is too similar to the jacket's shade. Tan would have been a better choice.
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I agree tan pants work well, as do stone/khaki/chino. I think a pink shirt works amazingly well with olive. Light blue is another good choice.
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I personally think that jacket is a very good choice for the price. There is a lot you can do with it, especially with contrasting colors.
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I actually think those darker trousers do work with the jacket and lighter brown wool trousers would too (rough or smooth). Along with a white shirt or the light lavender one suggested.
My thoughts are on the jacket itself - on the model it looks quite short in the body and the fastened button is above the natural waist, making it look like an outgrown school uniform blazer. Make sure yours is not that short.
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I have a peacoat in olive color though a bit more greener shade to it than your sport coat and I paired it with burgundy corduroy and also one in dark blue. I've also tried wearing it with a medium shade gray trousers as well and it works for me. Wore light blue shirt with all three trousers too.
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I would prefer medium grey trousers and light blue shirt. Brown shoes, obviously.
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Necrothread revival. Im struggling with an olive blazer, also, as its the first not black or navy that I have owned. I have khaki and black pants/shoes, light brown/dark brown/black belts, an assortment of ties and a white and blue shirt. My question has to do with the blue shirt- it has a purple hue to it. Here is a link to the blazer color- http://tinyurl.com/85oza83 Here is a link to the shirt- http://tinyurl.com/7kxrndz Adhering to the obvious no opposite shoes with opposite pants, will this blazer work with black pants, and will it work with the blue shirt? I lost my job a few weeks ago after 6 years (software company was purchased) and I'm doing the interview thing for the first time in awhile. Im not interviewing corporate jobs, and my black and navy jacket are not done yet, so right now, the olive is what I have. Thanks!

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Duplicate post.
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The colors on the model look fine. Maybe also try navy/grey trousers

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For a more formal look, a clean white dress shirt and black suit pants looks awesome. However, it depends on what shade of olive it is. Darker olive would work perfect for this. 

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