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Hair styles

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A friend of mine that just recently started an intership at an investment bank. I was just wondering if the shaved head look was unprofessional and in some cases, if it could be thought of as fashionable or stylish.
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Shaved heads, unlike good manners and personal hygiene, are not equally appropriate for everyone. To illustrate: on an older, balding white guy who would like to save himself from the indignities of a comb-over, a shaved head is appropriate, in fact, recommended. For black guys of any age, the shaved head look has become the norm to some degree thanks to Michael Jordan and his NBA cohorts. For an Asian, (and I am) and for Latinos, the shaved head look is a little too radical to pass unnoticed, especially in a conservative environment like a bank. It strikes of gang-membership and prison riots. If you are a young white guy, you can blame the Neo-nazi and punk skinheads, two different groups whose only two real similarities seem to be their fashion sense and their predilection for violence, for misappropriating your right to sport the look. Of course, a very close cropped haircut (mine is about 1/8 to ¼ of an inch all around) is a very different thing altogether.
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If you're dark, try the Tom Ford look. Close cropped hair, as LA Guy said, is an acceptable and above all manageable look. However, LA Guy's hair is probably very different in texture from a white person's, so you'll probably end up looking very different from him. Go for the Tom Ford look, especially if you have a widow's peak. Otherwise, the classic is fairly long hair slicked back. At least, in Europe it is. In America I see a lot of quifs in the younger, trendier set and straight parts in the older bankers. I hope that helped. --European Interloper
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