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Originally Posted by designprofessor View Post
mine were stolen - but manditory uniform for art school

But only if they're spattered with paint.

I adored that look and still do.
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It looks really nice for being from 1999. It looks like the sole is just beginning to get worn. I have that model in size 12.5UK or 13.5US, when they still made half sizes. Also have a few 8287 boots. Three MIE and one MIC. But I like the model shown in OP better. It's harder to get snow and rain into it while 8287 is more susceptible to that. They do take forever to wear out. A decade is not unreasonable. Depending on how often you wear it and rotation. The local cobbler refused to resole a pair but that's OK since it lasts a long time anyway.
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I've seen some with yellow rubber uppers around. I'd be tempted as rain boots.
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I like DMs. Here is my collection. My favorite is 8053.
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