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Need help, tough problem matchin

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alright, it is time to roll up the sleeves. A colleague of mine has to wear this type of material. It is our company's material, heritage if you will.

yes it is that bright.

I was suggesting the following, a 3/2 roll jacket with surgeon cuffs. In terms of the rest of the outfit (the jacket has to be worn), a red vest, goldish tie and then I draw a blank. I am not even firm on the tie or vest but am trying to make the best of it.

go to work guys, need help with the rest of the outfit (everything else is pliable within reason, for example no tie, mockneck or etc).
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Your link is broken.
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Originally Posted by dah328
Your link is broken.
thanks it is fixed now
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Wow. That IS bright.

A red vest doesn't work for me. The jacket is enough on its own. Well, way too much on its own, but ah well.

Working from the bottom up I'm thinking brown shoes, khakis.

As for the shirt, not a solid white. Maybe a white shirt with a light check of some sort. The tie should be something that pulls a colour from the jacket with a colour from the shirt, but just not yellow - or gold.

My 2 cents.
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Yeah, you need the other items of your clothing in muted colors unless you want to look like a clown. Think along the lines of charcoal trousers and a navy tie.
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Might I suggest a different line of employment? That jacket would constitute (or invite) unwanted harrassment.

All kidding aside, - wow. This could go any number of directions, all potentially painful to look at.

First option - pale blue shirt, red tie, dark tan trousers?
As an experiment - lilac (or pink) shirt, navy tie and trousers (I know, I'll be shot), brown shoes?
To get really out there - royal blue shirt, bone-colored slacks, no tie?

If all else fails - black and white.
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If I had to wear this color I'd go for charchoal trousers but I'm not sure what else.
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no green?
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Either way it`s going to look horrible, but here`s a try

Brown shoes

brown/tan trousers, moss green trousers, white/cream trousers

solid cream/light beige shirt

dark brown tie, very dark burgundy tie, very dark moss green tie (all preferrably solid)
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