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Raleigh, nc

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anyone know the good mens store in raleigh, NC? Every time the Esquire top 100 comes out, i forget to save it. (possible permanent post for the future, maybe?) if anyone knows of good restaurants, also, please let me know. so far, the only one i'm aware of is sullivan's steakhouse. thanks.
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Check out Liles Clothing Studio on Creedmore Road.Bruce Liles is a threadsaholic.In the Stonehenge Market.Tell em Henry sent ya.
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I live just outside Raleigh and do not find it to be terribly fashionable here. There are a couple of places you could check out which I found from Steve's website: Chockey's 1641 N. Market Dr. Nowell's 435 Daiels St. Norman Stockton Chapel Hill in Meadowmont Village 107 Meadowmont Village Circle, Chapel Hill, NC You could also stop by and visit with Richard Hardy who does custom tailoring from his home. For restaurants there are a few good ones down in that area near Sullivan's. 42nd Street Oyster Bar is right nearby. And Sushi Blues is supposed to be very good. Hmmm, I need a good reason to check it out now that I think of it. Let me know when you are in town. Scott
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42nd Street Oyster Bar is a really good seafood restaurant located downtown.
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