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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

New derbies, very happy with them as I wanted something like this for a long time.
C&J for Ben Silver.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Those are great. Thanks for posting the pics.
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cheap skye boot

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Great deal, can't justify buying boots though, don't really wear them that much
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At the weekend I joined those treating themselves to an early Christmas present:

I've prevaricated over getting a pair Snowdons for the past two winters, so given I still wanted them third time round I figured I should take the plunge. And, 10% off because of some slight marks on the leather that don't bother me.

They look less bulky on than I thought they would, which is nice. A little loose for me I think, and I wonder if I'm a D, but keep falling in love with shoes that only come in E. It's a hard life! So, experimenting with different insoles, to see if that helps. Half a size smaller (10.5) was a touch too short.

One question, without wishing to start a lengthy "How to polish shoes" discussion: What would be best to polish these with, if I want to keep them waterproofish? I usually just use standard Kiwi polish on my shoes. Would something else be better?
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Snowdons are great! I use dubbin on mine, obenaufs.
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@fabius Those are amazing and are my next boots on the list. Right after the EG Galway. I am too cheap to pay the full price and hoping for a discount somewhere in January.

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The whole design of this shoe is so nice and looks so nice. I want to buy this shoes please tell me from where i got these shoes?

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Gents - would any of you who have experience with the Ben Silver "Harvard" loafer be able to provide your opinion "http://www.bensilver.com/The-Harvard-Loafer-in-Whiskey-Cordovan,13771.html#.VJhEEAAxdA?  Any thoughts positive or negative?  Much obliged for any feedback.

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