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Originally Posted by Nikola View Post

I still think that such info should not be hidden from the buyer if asked. Me as a buyer would like to know more than just " Made in England" knowing that Purdey is not a shoe manufacturer ..

Not all are shoe experts to tell if the boots really worth the value and knowing who makes them might help with the decision and piece of mind. Of course, no one is forcing me to make a purchase ..

Take a look at this example: W.R company in UK they clearly stated in description Edward Green made the pair for them..



The example you gave is much more analogous to PCK1's Ben Silver example above.  Westley Richards is selling EG shoes, just as Skoak or Edwards of Manchester sells EG shoes.  They're not selling (at least not on this product) a private label.  It's a non-standard color but retailers frequently have exclusives.


Again, I don't see what the big deal is.  It's not like they're hiding some big secret.  Do you think RL should disclose which factory in Pakistan makes their shirts?


It all comes down to whether a retailer feels that they can maximize sales using their brand or using somebody else's brand.  RL, BB and Purdey clearly feel that their brand is more recognizable and/or more in line with the brand identity they want to project than C&J, hence the RL/Peal/Purdey branding on the products.  When J Crew markets shoes as being made by Alden or Alfred Sargent it's not because they're being more honest, it's because they feel that those two names have greater brand equity than their own and kick the offering upscale a notch.

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Originally Posted by alexSF View Post

Final Colour only depends from burnishing /finish process.

Probably they will call the factory asking to finish a pair darker or, if done locally, the "shoe doctor" will darken them with usual cream & polish, or maybe brush & dye (but I doubt)


My local shop has the equipment to be able to do it in-house. It came up in conversation a few months ago. It's more than cream and polish, because that could just be lifted off the shoe or boot by using renovateur. Some kind of dye option, from the sounds of it.


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Another shortwing open laced shoe!! Wish they did a longwing.
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Sorry if this has been mentioned in previous Ben Silver US E posts, but someone needs to buy the tan 10E Coniston for $540.



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Do you know what the number written on the insole stands for ? i have a pair of grasmere in 8uk E, but a 85 written on the insole (8 on a line, 5 on another line, so 85 "vertically")

Another pair in 7.5UK E had only the number 75 horizontally, though.



Edit : 

8 for the size. 5 for the width (E=5, G=7 etc..)

And for the pair in 7.5 perhaps it was from an older collection where the width wasn't specified.



If I'm right, the standard (not the dark brown lasted ones) C&J shoe trees fit all lasts. But I found these "Paris specific". Which last are they based on?



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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F/W is only a couple months away...buy this chukka...now!


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Originally Posted by PCK1 View Post

F/W is only a couple months away...buy this chukka...now!




Milton in Polo? I'm about to get mine :)

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Excellent choice!

Here are my Sydney's on duty...

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Grasmere. Hope they won't stretch too much. it's a 8UK (8.5UK/9.5US usually). Tried them in 7.5UK but they were too tight (maybe they could have stretched out enough eventually). 


8UK are perfect now, that's why I'm afraid they may become a bit too big (I'm used to wearing shoes tighter than some people). Do you have any experience with that grain leather?


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I'm finding the colour combination of the trousers and the shoes surprisingly complimenting...


I don't think you should worry about the leather stretching, if anything the shoes should ever so slightly adjust to the shape of your feet. Apart from that it looks like you could do up the laces a bit more judging by the opening between the facings... 

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Those socks rocks, Cleav! :slayer:

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Originally Posted by Nikola View Post

Those socks rocks, Cleav! icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gif

Thanks Nik, Happy Socks they are nod[1].gif
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