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I found some info on SuFu~

Sizing-wise, although inside the waistband there's a label that says "will shrink to size marked above" (or something like that), I found the waistband on the dry Wolfs pretty much true to the size on the label. ie a pair of dry jeans labeled 32/35 had a waist more or less 32 already. So if you're ordering online, best to double check with them about sizing and shrinkage.

Guitar Wolwes are sanforized so they will not shrink noticeably after wash. Also their denim is on the softer side in a raw state so they are quite confortable to wear raw. Up close their denim texture resemble the one of APC but softer. I would suggest that you size down 1 size from your usual W size.

I haven't received any reply from the site whom sells them yet about shipping and stuff. Do they even still sell these jeans at all?