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Dear Mr. Banister, IMG_3524.JPG 1,102k .JPG file


Thank you for your reply.

My husband has a pair of Banister shoes.

I am an admirer of it. The soles are very thick - thicker than the ones made today. The Goodyear Neolite heel shows little wear.

It is a pair of shoes of the finest quality - no longer made or matched today, even by Italian made brands.

It is something to be truly proud of.

I will try to attach some photos for your daughter.


Diana B.

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Hi Arthur,


I know this is an old post .. but I would be interested in learning more from Eva or yourself. How can I get in touch ?




Dennis -

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Banister was THE shoe in the city of St Louis, if you were'nt  wareing you may as well be barefoot, GREAT styles and very well made, I wish I could find a shoe today I liked like my BANISTERS.

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KoolKatt, Very nice article. Don't know if I knew you, but I'm from St.Louis and around that same era. A 1970 Beaumont High graduate. I wore the Banister shoes and still wear the Knox hats (Levine's). Was a "great" shoe. (Wolfe's). Back then "The Brothas" from "The Lou"had great style. Those were the days.

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KoolKatt, Not to mention, the boot collection!!!
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Hi - I have an old wooden tool of some sort that has the James A. Banister Co. logo on it.  I was wondering if you or perhaps someone in your family might be able to identify what it is.  Thanks - -


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